Kate’s Corner: Mindset Minute-Money Mindset Continued

What is the mindset of a millionaire business owner? With the right mindset you and I can learn to quickly and easily overcome any setback and challenge, thus removing fear, procrastination, and overwhelm. In this way, fear is turned into the fuel for success.

The latest brain research teaches that everything achieved in business and life is due to the way the subconscious has been conditioned and programmed. Does financial abundance first start in the brain to then reflect in your daily results?


We must retrain our brain at the deepest level in order to actualize success, and bring financial abundance into our reality.

Your net worth is determined by your self worth.

Self love is a big component of your success in life. This is not an expression of the ego, but an expression of humility regarding everyone you meet, everything you do, and everything you think.

Everything you think must be worked on first before you can greet others with the love that you feel for yourself. Self-love translates to unconditional love.

A great exercise is to be patient with the people on the road who annoy you. Anyone who annoys you is a perfect playground for practice.

Patience in all things is a reflection of the love you have for yourself extending outwardly to the love and respect for all living things.

Everything I wrote about today is not a once and done act. Every day we must renew our willingness to love ourselves and to love everyone else here and beyond.

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4 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Mindset Minute-Money Mindset Continued”

  1. Prosperity is a mindset. Noticing every time we have a prosperous event will start prosperity rolling. Writing them all down in a journal will validate the experience. The mantra “I am prosperous “ said every morning many times encourages the experience. (I took this class once) lol

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