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As I researched today’s content for mindset minute, and the blog katelovingbusiness.com, and the video, I came across a program by Jim Bunch, called change your life, change the world.

This program assesses all areas of your life based on environments. These environments
are menetics, physical, financial, network, relationship, body, self, spiritual, and nature.

We have been discussing money mindset here on this blog, and on mindset minute
podcast, but as it turns out, if any area of our lives or environments are focused on like a laserbeam, then mindset in every area will upgrade including money.

I took the ultimate life assessment quiz, and based on the results I can now continue designing my so-called ultimate environment.

These are the key principles:

1) everything is an environment and environments are everything.
2) environments are all connected
3) environments are energy and either inspire or expire
4) environments are stronger than willpower

I scored pretty well on all the environments, but need to focus in on the clutter in my home, keep it clean. My car needs lots of attention.

The idea is not to tackle it all at once, but in small increments. For instance, cleaning and sorting through a closet can feel like a burden has lifted.

The questionnaire itself hones into the areas to concentrate on, giving direction and guidance. It is suggested that we go over everything with a coach.

Take the quiz and let me know how it goes. Then celebrate all the insights gleaned from this exercise.

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