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Do you want to achieve financial abundance? Affiliate Marketing may be what you’ve been searching for. 

Hello! I’m Kate Loving Shenk, the voice and vision behind this blog. My journey into the world of affiliate marketing began with a simple desire: to share products and services that genuinely enhance lives. This passion led me to partner with Dean Holland, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation.

My Story:  A few years ago, I found myself constantly recommending products to friends and family. That’s when I realized my knack for identifying truly beneficial items. This insight sparked my interest in affiliate marketing. After thorough research, I chose to collaborate with Dean Holland, a brand I not only trust but also personally use and love.

Why Dean Holland? Dean Holland stands out for his commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. He loves nothing more than helping everyday people start and scale profitable online businesses so they, too, can live the life of their dreams. As someone who values integrity and authenticity, I only advocate for products that I believe in.

Dean’s vision of helping people like me escape the rat race aligns perfectly with my ethos.

What You’ll Find Here: On this blog, you’ll discover comprehensive reviews, insider tips, and exclusive insights into Dean Holland’s products. Whether you’re looking for specific product  or services, I’ve got you covered with in-depth knowledge and personal experiences.

I’ve discovered the key to success is a mindset that propels you forward. Gratitude, forgiveness of self, embracing all that is good in you and the world will set you free.

Beyond the Blog: My goal is to create a community of informed consumers who make decisions based on reliable information. Feel free to reach out with questions, feedback, or just a friendly hello. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery together!

Connect with Me: Stay updated by following me on FB (Meta), Instagram, Linked In, You Tube and Tik Tok! For collaborations or inquiries, please contact me at info@katelovingbusiness.com. Thank you for visiting, and I hope my insights help you make the best choices for your needs!


Meet Kate And Dean!

Warm regards, Kate Loving Shenk

PS I have just retired from a 40 year Nursing career. I Know what it’s like to falter as a nurse in the Corporate Healthcare arena. The program outlined here will help you create an income you want, and perhaps you, too can manifest the dreams of a life well lived!

Be sure to visit often as I intend to update and post on my blog at least three times a week, most likely more.



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