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What is your money story? For the last year and a half I have been excavating my own money story which takes me to this moment of entrepreneurialship and affiliate marketing with Dean Holland. It’s an excavation into the deeper recesses of my mind. Money is a difficult topic to discuss because people are very fearful when it comes to money.

Our mindset surrounding money is imperative to success as an entrepreneur and every other area of our lives.

For instance, I was raised by depression era parents who did not want our money situation shared with friends or neighbors. Money was always seen from a mindset of lack rather than abundance.

Until we get our money story straightened out in our minds, and our actions, success will be elusive. Our money story lays the foundation for our mindset surrounding abundance and generosity.

If you feel obstacles in relationship to your ability to draw money into your life, define what the obstacle is and visualize overcoming it, which predetermines the path to prevailing over your resistance.

This is not as complicated as we make it to be. I will share my own money story in the days to come.

Meet Kate And Dean Holland.

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