Kate’s Corner: Retirement Day 26

I thoroughly enjoy working from home, building an affiliate business on Dean Holland’s “Affiliate System,” a software platform that only Dean’s students have access to, at the moment. This will change, when the doors open to include other affiliate marketers. Not just anyone, but the ones Dean believes to be suitable.

Today, we met as a group on Zoom, to discuss the next steps in our journey as affiliate marketers. I discovered what I thought was a glitch in the Affiliate System, but got the advice to clear my computer of caches.

I had dozens of jumbled files since getting the computer 4 years ago. I deleted them, closed down the computer, and walked away, soon to return with more learning to do to set things up properly.

The act of deleting those files automatically made me feel lighter, as if an invisible burden had been lifted. The act of general decluttering around the house works the same way. Or the car, which is my next decluttering project.

If the computer runs smoother and faster, I could call it a job well done. I am retired, after all, so a nap is well earned!


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19 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Retirement Day 26”

  1. I have had a number of technical business problems that were simply solved by clearing my cache. But, somehow, it always takes me by surprise when it’s suggested that I do so!

    I’m so glad you are enjoying retirement!

  2. Cleaning out the old to get to the new and better! I like the idea. Good reminder for your computer and for life! 🙂 We’ve visited Lancaster, PA and love the area! So glad you are free to be retired to what you want to do!

  3. I love your retirement adventures and cannot wait to one day retire from punching the time clock and enjoying nature and the world around me! Your post reminded me that I am in much need of a little cleaning not only of my computer but my house! It really does make you feel good when everything is clean and tidy! Currently, my desktop is filled with screenshots. Your post has inspired me to back everything up and get a little much-needed cleaning done!

  4. I gotta remember the nap thing. Retirement is creeping up after all.

    I too enjoy working from home as it allows me to stay focussed on my business and maintain the kind of life I want – to be calling myself retired. In actual fact I’d be happy with the designation of semi-retired for the rest of my life.

    Thanks for the reminder to declutter my computer as well as my living space. Even though I’ve downsized a fair bit – I still have too much stuff. Next I will have to go with the incendiary method. Holding a posession in my hand, I ask, “If this burned today, would I replace it?”. If no, then it’s time to chuck it. 🙂
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  5. “Not just anyone, but the ones Dean believes to be suitable.” That’s an interesting approach, typically a platform is expensive to build and maintain, and so signing up is easy and the approach is, ‘more is better.’

    Do you know the criteria or method he will use to select ‘suitable’ and the thinking behind the exclusivity? I would love to know more.

  6. Kate, it’s often said that if your workplace is cluttered then your mind is also cluttered. What you’re doing is really good because it gets rid of baggage that we carry around for no reason. In my process improvement Consulting, job we often teach people that if you haven’t touched a piece of paper or open a piece of information for six months, you will probably never need it again. If you’re not sure put it in an archive but other than that delete it. It’s great that you’re doing that and once done you’ll feel very light like an elephant been taken off your shoulders. Great job. Well done, Atif

  7. HI Kate,
    Computer problems can be a big headache, especially if, like me, not as technically inclined as others. I learned about deleting my cache several years ago, I do it almost monthly. I find even computers need a good bowel movement every once in a while 🙂
    Take care
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  8. Kate,
    A couple decades ago computer hard drive space was expensive so you had to keep it cleaned or pay a premium price to upgrade it.
    Now fast forward to today, hard drive space is dirt cheap and people are getting drives that are terabyte and petabyte. With all this extra cheap space people no longer take the time to declutter their virtual world.

    In fact it is common for people to become virtual hoarders.

    As you mentioned it is liberating to declutter your home but equally so ones virtual world.

  9. Fabulous Kate.
    Good advice as I can’t remember when I cleaned up my computer last time.
    Great retirement adventure, instead of sitting and wasting time, you are thinking about the future. Active retirement, I love that.
    Looking forward to your next post.

    1. Even decluttering a corner of a room, a closet, a car, a computer, a sense of freedom and release reveals best described- as the Quantum Field of awareness. Meditation may be seen as a form of decluttering, as well, also revealing the Quantum, releasing trapped energy. Thanks for stopping by!

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