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Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings about drawing the future towards oneself are an integral part of his broader philosophy combining neuroscience, quantum physics, and mind-body medicine. His approach is centered on the belief that people can consciously create their future by altering their thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, I begin each day with Dr Joe’s Meditations. I add a 15 minute mid day meditation. And end the day with a Dispenza session of my choice. I’ve invested in almost all of his books and meditations.

Here’s an elaboration on this concept:

1. Creating a New Future with the Mind: Dr Joe teaches that to create a new future, one must first mentally rehearse the desired outcomes. This involves vividly imagining achieving your goals and experiencing the associated positive emotions. The brain, he asserts, does not distinguish between real and imagined experiences, so this mental practice can create neural pathways just as actual experiences would.

2. The Role of Meditation: Meditation is a cornerstone of Dr Joe’s methodology. Dispenza advocates for deep, transformative meditation practices where individuals visualize and emotionally connect with their desired future. The goal is to create a clear mental picture and embody the feelings associated with this future state as if it has already occurred.

3. Quantum Model of Reality: His teachings often reference quantum physics, suggesting that all possibilities exist in the quantum field. By aligning one’s thoughts and emotions with a desired future, he proposes that individuals can collapse time and space to draw that future towards themselves, through conscious breathing in and out through the heart. This perspective views the observer (the individual) as an active participant in shaping their reality.

4. Elevating Emotional States: Dispenza emphasizes the importance of maintaining elevated emotional states, like joy, love, or gratitude. These emotions are believed to raise one’s energetic frequency, aligning them with the experiences they wish to attract. The idea is that like attracts like; positive emotions will attract positive outcomes.

5. Overcoming the Past: An essential aspect of his teaching is the idea that to create a new future, one must release the emotional ties to past experiences and traumas. He suggests that many people live in a state of being defined by past experiences, which hinders their ability to manifest a different future.

6. Consistency and Discipline: Dispenza stresses the importance of discipline and consistency in practicing meditation and visualization exercises. He believes that regular practice is key to making lasting changes in one’s brain and, consequently, in their life.

7. Mind-Body Connection: He also focuses on the psychosomatic network, the connection between mind and body. By changing one’s thoughts and emotional states, Dispenza suggests that individuals can impact their physical health and wellbeing, further enabling them to move towards their desired future.

Dr. Dispenza’s teachings are a blend of self-help, spirituality, and science. While many find his methods transformative, as with any self-development practice, individual experiences and results can vary.

Look out for opportunities that arise spontaneously and synchronistically. These are signs your practice is working!

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4 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Create Your Future Now”

  1. Kate:
    I too begin the Day with Joe. It sets my mind and body in a great state. At a recent Doc’s visit the tech said my BP was 110 / 80 – I thought newbie until a week late and the same BP surfaced. It’s Joe. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I enjoy Dispenza’s work, his morning and evening meditations make a regular appearance in my days (though I can be a bit on and off with it) but when I bookend my days like that, they’re pretty magical. This blog does a great job of breaking down Dr. Joe’s approach, thanks for sharing!!

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