Kate’s Corner: Technology Tantrums

As we progress along the Affiliate System with Dean Holland, I have noticed within myself and other people in our group, triggers that arise with every technological frustration.

Let me just say that the affiliate system is a software program for affiliate marketers. It is something that must be learned, and as we all know, learning something like a computer system can be challenging. Nuances within the platform are committed to memory, once introduced and learned.

It doesn’t help that every computer system in the universe seems to act differently, and not universally from any other. Some systems are more intuitive than others.

When I started my very last nursing job after 40 years in January 2023, I was introduced to a computer system called Cerner. No one liked it yet some were better than others in figuring it out It never helped that I was not given any instruction from someone who might know how the system worked. Or who actually liked the platform. That element was missing from everyone using it.

Today, I ran into a glitch. The help desk was glitchy, too. I’ll ask for help if it continues, but for now, I shut down the computer for a few hours. And will take a quick meditation before walking the dogs. When I come back to it and it still is not responding, then I will reach out to the software gods.

The frustration happens when I can’t let go of the problem. Shutting down the computer was an act of surrendering to the creative process:


When the flow is interrupted in any creative process, and all of life is creative, we must walk away for a while before coming back. And then,
when you do come back, it’s best to do so with an open mind, or beginners mind.

Joy is found in the process, not the final outcome. Overcoming technological challenges is a triumph! I refuse to allow these inevitable obstacles draw me into the cesspool of self doubt.


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6 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Technology Tantrums”

  1. I don’t know much about computer systems at all. I just flounder around till things work. That’s what I do with everything. I wish I could turn myself off like you can with a computer and get a reboot.

  2. Great encouragement and advice on learning Computer systems. Can see at a certain point walking away ,is Very good advice to come back fresh

  3. Hi Kate,

    I am like you retired 2 years ago, and like you am enjoying my freedom.
    I also share with you & I do believe many people (even the experienced) can get frustrated with technology as glitches etc. just do happen from time to time.

    You are doing the right thing, shutting down your computer, taking a break, being creative, and coming back refreshed.

    Finally, I love your mindset, ‘Joy is found in the process, not the final outcome’.

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