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Kate’s Corner: Me And My Goliath

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working my way around Dean Holland affiliate system software. Dean teaches online tutorials and my job is to implement what he teaches. The truth is, every new software and editor program is unique with some familiar memory of those that have gone before. Members of Dean Holland’s community …

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Kate’s Corner: Retirement Day 26

I thoroughly enjoy working from home, building an affiliate business on Dean Holland’s “Affiliate System,” a software platform that only Dean’s students have access to, at the moment. This will change, when the doors open to include other affiliate marketers. Not just anyone, but the ones Dean believes to be suitable. Today, we met as …

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Kate’s Corner: Technology Tantrums

As we progress along the Affiliate System with Dean Holland, I have noticed within myself and other people in our group, triggers that arise with every technological frustration. Let me just say that the affiliate system is a software program for affiliate marketers. It is something that must be learned, and as we all know, …

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