Kate’s Corner: Mindset Minute- Art Of Juggling

As I researched content for today’s blog, podcast and video, I came across an article in INC.about the brain’s neuroplasticity, meaning the brains ability to constantly change and adapt.

Knowing this, we can help the brain with something I’ve always wanted to do: juggle. This repetitive and hypnotic activity helps to retrieve memories and strengthen the brain’s connections.

Rewriting brain patterns helps mood, improves ability to learn, improves memory and productivity, and increases a sense of enjoyment as this skill is practiced.

I will have to practice juggling in a room with door closed to protect the balls from Maso, my Boston Terrier mascot.

The brain’s neuro connections responsible for memory, focus, movement and vision, are bolstered because of the coordination and focus juggling requires.

These changes in neural connections persist for weeks, even if juggling is done once or twice or less a month. Adding positive thinking, quality, sleep, regular exercise, and social connections, will increase our ability to be more successful Affiliate Marketers and entrepreneurs!

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8 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Mindset Minute- Art Of Juggling”

    1. I want to see you juggle, Katie.
      Now that you’ve terminated your traditional workings you have time to instruct wannabe jugglers.
      Sign me up for your first class!!!

  1. Kate we need a jugling demo video please. My mother could do it and I remember her trying to teach me but I could never get the hang of it.
    If it helps mindset I’ll try and train myself. Today actually seems to have been mindset day in my life.

  2. That’s a fascinating perspective! It’s incredible to think how even intermittent activities like juggling can have lasting effects on our neural connections. Your advice on incorporating positive thinking, quality sleep, regular exercise, and social connections resonates deeply with me. I look forward to your next post.

  3. Your posts are so good and enlightening! I learned to juggle years ago while learning to play tennis. It taught my brain to focus on many things and one thing all at the same time. I appreciate your approach to your process.

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