Kate’s Corner: Meet My Affiliate Business Mascot, Maso



Today, I introduce the mascot for my new business called Kate Loving Business dot com. I got the idea by reading other blogs in my affiliate marketing community.

Maso is my mascot, my seven month old Boston Terrier Bulldog. Truth be known, Maso originated as an idea to be a mascot in a business I was working on at the time. As many of us on the online marketing sphere have experienced, we have ideas to sustain ourselves financially and otherwise that don’t always pan out. At the time of getting Maso, I was in the process of creating a private label supplement product for the canine species. Pearl my other dog, was not into fulfilling the vision I had.

Today I introduce Maso, the mascot for my affiliate online business. 

While you’re here, please meet my mentor, Dean Holland. 



18 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Meet My Affiliate Business Mascot, Maso”

  1. Kate,
    Love that you have a dog for a mascot. Mine and SJ’s Labradoodle, Shadow, is our business mascot. She brings much joy and personality to the business.

    I look forward to hearing about our journey.


  2. Love it! I’ve got two Boxers, and I would do the same ting, but they would fight over trying to help with the same things! Well, it’s not that they would actually fight (they have never fought with each other in nine years), but once one would pick up one task, the other would suddenly lose interest in what they are doing and want to do what his brother is doing… I’m afraid I’d spend all day trying to get them to just concentrate on their own thing.

  3. Hi Kate. I like your idea of having a a mascot. I am also a dog lover and have a border collie called Bob who we rescued when is the owner died. I wish you every success with your blog.Edmund

  4. Kate, I love your videos, very simple but real and honest. Great idea to have a mascot, It’s like creating a brand for your business. Well done, look forward to your next blog. Atif

  5. Hi Kate,
    So adorable, I love dogs and at this moment my house is run by a two-year-old dachshund, she seems to have first and last bark 🙂
    Fabulous video, I am still waiting for the courage to do my recording.
    Happy New Year!

  6. Hi Kate!
    Maso is so cute! I’m impressed by you having your written post as well as a video! You are on a wonderful journey! I look forward to your future posts!
    All the best,
    Milissa Neirotti

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