Kate’s Corner: Happy Yule Tide

I am exhilarated. Last night was the second to the last night of my 40 year journey In corporate medicine. After next week on 12/31/23, I will be officially retired from nursing, and on the way to experiencing abundance and freedom in my perspective at all times. I know I will do this and can do this and I’m doing this. There is no rush, but there is an urgency to move ahead and see results: results in opportunity, with a foundation of Love and Forgiveness. Mr Maso the Mascot, pictured above, is another guide in my odyssey!

Check this out and see what I’m talking about: Dean Holland 




8 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Happy Yule Tide”

  1. Hey Kate! Great Blog and video! I am excited you are about to fully embark( note the dog pun there) on your entrepreneurial journey.That is exciting! And I too have dogs and love to take them to the parks as well. Have a great rest of your holiday and come see my blog posts as well. Jim OBrien

  2. Kate, Congratulations on your retirement! I am really excited about your new Journey and seeing you reach your Goals. Love the video as well, I haven’t gotten that brave yet… Lol (One day I will get there 😁) Blessings on the New Year!
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