As we approach the cusp of a New Year, the opportunity presented itself: Retirement  as a nurse 31 December 2023. Part of my identity these last 40 years has always been a nurse with a vision to heal , and allow others to heal me, as well. Life, after all, is an adventure in healing whatever that means to you.

The last 20 years of my nursing career was spent searching for online opportunities to make an income and escape the world of allopathic medicine and pharmaceutical alternatives with killer side effects. Health care professionals are great at first responder methods to save people with acute conditions,  but the more chronic and complicated a condition becomes, we often do not know how to balance the problem. This may be because medicine is still mechanistic in its approach to the human body and does not take into account the miraculous ability of the mind, body and spirit to transform and cure itself.

I can’t change my patients, doctors or nurses. I can only change myself.

Knowing my time was coming to retire from nursing, I took a well paying job at a local hospital to prepare for my next venture. At a recent point, John Assaraf, Russel Brunson and Dean Holland came into my world of possibilities. Dean’s affiliate program made the most sense because if I allowed him to teach me how to do affiliate marketing with a “beginner’s mind,” (after all, I’ve been studying online tactics for over 20 years), my intuition told me I would succeed.

And here I am, fearless and ready to venture forth.

More to come…..Thank you for reading.

Meet My Mentor, Dean Holland: