Kate’sCorner: The Moment Of Retirement

The last night of work is almost complete. 1/2 hour to go. I can’t say I feel the full effect of my liberation. I will when I let Maso out of his crate and tell Pearly again how lucky she is! She is 12 and Maso is 7 months. They have a bond and Pearl doesn’t take any attitude.


And now I am home, experiencing a full future which includes time not needing to recover or feel drained of life force.

This is the first day of the rest of my life. A new day, a new life. Day 1 of another 365 Course In Miracles meditations, and continuing with Dean Holland’s internet University, and all the mindset expansion transformation. So spacious and fun.





18 thoughts on “Kate’sCorner: The Moment Of Retirement”

  1. Oh wow, what a way to start the new year! Happy new year, happy first day of the rest of your life, Kate!
    Thank you for dedicating your professional life to your patients, what a wonderful gift to humanity!

  2. Congratulations on your retirement! I look forward to hearing more about your plans for this new stage in your life. And thanks for dedicating your career to helping others. Very admirable! – XO – Elisa

  3. Thank you for being a nurse and congratulations on your Retirment and I hope it brings you everything you want. I look forward to visiting thanks to #UBC and what your businesses are and how things are working out for you.

    1. Thanks Sherri, retirement is an interesting phenomenon because people who are celebrating my retirement with me, brings out some weird beliefs that I do not ascribe to. Mostly fear of the future! I feel more prone to living here in the present moment and let my future be drawn to me magnetically!

  4. Oh, you lucky girl you!!!
    Creating your own good fortune and choosing a lifestyle that is compatible with your values. Your lucky pooches will also benefit from your decision to stay close to home .
    Seems like a WIN-WIN-WIN situation all around.

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