Kate’s Corner: Meditation Mornings

I  took a break from a three hour Zoom meditation with my teacher, Will Johnson, to do this video. As 2024 draws ever near, I am aware of a supercharged year ahead.


This is best accomplished by focusing intentions on heart aligned visions and goals. Also important is surrounding yourself with people who uphold you in your life.

Shifting perception to higher realms of consciousness will abolish doubts and fears, especially as it pertains to everyday life. Gratitude is the #1 consciousness booster. To be in a mood of awe and gratitude is really the only task needed to achieve everyday.

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Happy New Year!!



6 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Meditation Mornings”

  1. Kate,

    Taking the time to meditate is important. It is an area that I find difficult but am working on it and other things to train mind, body and soul. Outside of affiliate marketing, my obsession is studying how the brain works and how to train it to.

    It is defiantly a powerful tool.
    Happy New Year!

    1. CJ, we have that in common. Have you done any Dr Joe Dispenza’s meditation and /or heard him speak? He is a foremost brain researcher. I believe his work in particular will help us reach our goals in all areas of life!

  2. New year! I appreciate your comment on gratitude and awe for 2024. Gratitude has been a close companion this year and pleased to add awe. Bear enjoyed hearing sweet Pearlie bark and I loved seeing Maso emerge. Wishing you a stupendous beginning and success in your new business.

  3. Hi Kate,
    One of the objectives I’ve put on myself is to take the time and include meditation in my daily things to do.
    Wishing you all the best in 2024; looking forward to your future blog entries.

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