Kate’s Corner: Starting A Retirement Journal

Today is day #2 of my retirement. When I was young, I learned my year for retirement would be 2016. I decided to take the Leap Of Faith a full eight years later! And here we are.

I am keeping a retirement journal. I never heard of one before, but when inspiration hit, I ran with it.

What I find interesting is people’s response to my retirement. Naturally, other peoples reflection is a mirror for my own.

Beliefs such as what happens when we die; How long do I have before I die? Do I have enough money to retire? If I retire now and run out of money, will I die in the streets?

These beliefs are prominent in older people unless they are extremely wealthy. Or the wealthy may be afraid they’re going to lose everything they have.

All of this boils down to one thing- the fear of thinking we are not enough.

This moment is enough. My life is enough! The miracle of being alive is enough!

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5 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Starting A Retirement Journal”

  1. How exciting a retirement journal, that’s a great idea. Working full time and retiring is a huge shift. Looking forward to more of your thinking

  2. Hi Kate. A retirement journal. What a great idea.
    I turned 60 last year and thoughts of “retirement” have emerged.
    I am looking forward to leaving my day job which I mostly enjoy.
    However, I see my retirement as being a great time in my life.
    Keep the journal going.

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