Kate’s Corner: Success Mindset

My emphasis has been on mindset on this blog, since it’s inception. Now I’ve decided to dedicate this blog to anyone who hopes to improve their mindset for success, regardless of profession or station in life.


Mindset shifts, AHA moments, a sudden connection with the divine are transformations propelling us forward to enhance meaning in our lives. Riding the wave of this transformation is what this blog has been and will continue to be about.

I’ve been attending Dean Holland‘s live workshops on creating an affiliate business, and much more within his Affiliate System Software. This opportunity presented itself to me around the time of my retirement, 12/31/23.

What makes Dean Holland affiliate programs stand out for me, because there are many affiliate marketers online? It’s the level of mentorship. Dean and his team are available Monday through Friday to help us if we are stuck somewhere along the process of building our website, our “owned asset “as Dean calls it.

Originally I wanted my target audience to be nurses who are frustrated with corporate medicine, and who dreamed of leaving the so-called rat race of pharmaceutical solutions, and the world of chronic conditions that largely can be prevented, if our patients only realized their great potential.

Now I fully see the purpose of my time here on earth: to offer different aspects of mindset shifts to help with the opportunities that present themselves to enable success in all aspects of living – health, wealth, and relationships.

Until next time.

Meet Kate and Dean Holland

14 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Success Mindset”

  1. A good mentor is both a motivator and coach. Dean is awesome in both of these field. This account for the fact that the level of mentorship at internetProfits is so high with also other experts that provide help and their coaching as well.
    I’m glad you found your way around. Knowing how to shift our mindset for making us go forward is a noble cause. Congratulations.

  2. Kate, I believe you and I are in the same bucket, my dear friend. I completely understand and have walked in your shoes regarding experiencing the frustration with our medical system. My health career ended probably much earlier than it should have, but I was simply burnt out in the process… and the system simply “sucks you dry.” You COULD NOT have said it any better… mindset is absolutely KEY to healing, and should be understood as the first and foremost focus when starting ANY healing journey. This was something that was never discussed in school, nor my training, yet I learned this to be absolutely pivotal in patient care. I could only help someone to the point they were willing to help themselves and I could NOT override their poor mindset.

    You have so much to offer in your blog and I am looking forward to reading all that you write! Until next time!

  3. I appreciate the focus on mindset and the transformative journey you’re sharing on this blog. It’s inspiring to see your dedication to personal growth and success. And btw, your pup is adorable.

  4. Hi Kate,
    Society has only started to realize how important mindset is to your health and well-being.
    Thanks for reminding us that it’s not only important: it’s the first step in making sure you are well.
    Take care!

  5. Congratulations, Kate! I’m so happy you’ve found a niche you are passionate about! I know there are many of us who will tune in to hear your advice. Mindset is what drives a business forward. It dictates action, after all. Cheers! Looking forward to your next post 🙂

  6. Kate, well done and congratulations on making that change. It’s not easy to change your mindset or direction from what you thought you were going to do to what you’re doing now. I think you’ve made the right decision in widening your audience rather than specifically around nurses. And I commend you for doing that because it’s not easy. So many people never ever change the way they think because they think they are right and they don’t listen to advice. It’s great watching your videos and I love the way you say hello at the beginning. Thanks again and also thank you for your support. Also thanks, Atif

  7. Hi Kate,
    Love reading about the mindset – your change in approach makes more sense to me, since I’m not a Nurse.

    And also keep posting the video’s love seeing you and the pup.

    Thanks Sandy

  8. Hi Kate!
    I support your thoughts on focusing on a success mindset for your blog. You have so much to offer many people from your life experience.
    Thank you for your post, and I look forward to learning more about your affiliate marketing journey!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  9. Kate,
    I’m glad you’ve discovered your “reason” or purpose for your time here! Mindset is a game-changer for all of us, whether it’s in business, health, wealth, or relationships. And can we talk about how utterly adorable your mascot is? Mr. Masso (?), I think you said. Can’t wait for your next post.

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