Kate’s Corner: A Joe Dispenza Truth Bomb

I usually start the day with a Joe Dispenza meditation from his website. Today, however, I was also motivated to listen to one of his YouTube videos. The subject matter was: Five Habits To Be A High Vibrational Person.

These are the five habits that he refers to:

1) Pair elevated emotions with your intentions

2) Embrace the unknown

3) Be patient regarding outcome

4) Embrace the power of symbols, and how they show up may be surprising

5) Do not postpone your happiness! Practice self-love through liberation.

To understand these five habits and to implement them with curiosity, I would recommend studying Joe Dispenza’s work. My recent endeavor to create an online business has been infused with the work of Joe Dispenza, and several others in the realm of manifestation and attraction.

I practice these tenets even as I do the work of building my blog and studying affiliate marketing. Combining visualization with a positive mental mindset towards business building supersedes self doubt, comparing self with others, and self hatred even if you do not accomplish your goals in any given day.

In other words, my happiness does not depend on success, or accomplishment. This is a very important point one that society does not necessarily uphold.

Stepping away from the thinking of the world is very important, including news outlets which have a tendency to spark fear in the hearts of those who partake in it. The Twitter feed is a good one to avoid. Many have withdrawn from that social media site, with good reason. Free speech is nothing more than hate speech, thanks to its present owner.

But I digress.

The best advice I could give on this topic is to stay focused on your vision and purpose. Nothing is more important than that. Helping others is important too, and can be elegantly woken into the daily activities of everyday life.


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5 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: A Joe Dispenza Truth Bomb”

  1. Kate – Your approach to life is really inspiring! I LOVE those 5 habits. You comment “In other words, my happiness does not depend on success, or accomplishment.” is possibly the most impactful think I have read today! Thank You for this reminder and important thought!

  2. Kate, I will heed the advice you are giving about staying focused on your vision and purpose. I will add another piece and say don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone. I just wish I could do it myself more easily. LOL.
    Keep up the good work, all the best.

  3. Hi, Kate! I’m intrigued by the idea of pairing elevated emotions with your intentions. I’m not sure what he means by this, but I think of looking at my to-do list for the day and pairing good emotions with what I plan to do. Am I on the right track?

    I can see that would be life-changing. It would completely change my perspective on a daily basis.

    I’m going to try it!
    Thank you for this insight!

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