Kate’s Corner: Day #3 Of My Retirement

I am catching up on my rest, as I know working nights has taken a toll. More over, I am blogging every day, in an attempt to understand my word press blog. However, I also know that blogging every day is the best thing I can do for my online presence. The term creating content is just a fancy way of getting me to write every day, and I enjoy it. I turned one of my blogs years ago into a book that I published on Kindle. That is what is called repurposing written content.

But I digress.

In today’s video, I go over the “Three Question Journal,” as presented by Dr Ragan Chatterjee. I originally heard of this man on his YouTube channel/podcast. I saw him interviewing Dr Joe Dispenza, and have been a fan ever since.

The three questions are outlined in the video.

My retirement so far has been a journey of discovery about who I am, and what it’s been like to be a nurse and now, those ties are in the past. I feel a sense of optimism and hope about the future.

My “Daily Nurse Support” Shopify store is almost ready for prime time. That’s the project I’ve been working on throughout 2023, and that dream is almost realized. We will sell supplements for nurses there. I showed it to my VA, Danny, and he was blown away how great it looks! Truly an art form in action!

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10 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Day #3 Of My Retirement”

  1. Those are good questions, Kate.
    You’re so right, instead of running around, trying to get a thousand things done, we’d better figure out which one is really essential and follow through. I should have made a hair appointment today. It didn’t happen. I did accomplish a lot of other things, mainly for work and my family. That about tells you everything about me you need to know…

  2. Great questions. Really appreciate your posts gives me. Lots of inspiration. Naps are very nice gifts to give yourself, Bear always joins me and I find when I do I have lots of energy in the afternoon.💕

  3. Those are great questions! My favorite is the one about what you want to show the world today. But I appreciate them all because they have the power to change your daily life.

    1. I’ve been doing this exercise for only a few days, and feel that the act of reflection and contemplation is worth it. Answering the questions doesn’t take long, but the effects are long lasting!

  4. Kate, wonderful to see you back. I’ve been retired from nursing 10 years now. Took 3 years to catch up on sleep. I’m a fan of Joe Dispenza. Loved his book on unbecoming yourself and his Rewired series.
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