Kate’s Corner: Retirement Day 5

I’ve been waking up very early every day since my retirement. Before I retired, I would be anxious about waking up too early because I knew I’d have to go to work the next day or two, and I needed to preserve my energy for those night shift experiences.

Now, I can wake up and meditate, write a post for my blog, meditate on mindset and write in my retirement journal. I answer the four questions as outlined by Dr. Ragan Chatterjee. I have a training this morning with my mentor, Dean Holland.

After a 40 year career as a full-time nurse, working nights since 2012, and juggling other ways to escape corporate medicine, I’ve come to the end of what feels like a simple clap of the hand, and then that part of my life is over.

A Mexican healer wrote the following words: “Heal yourself with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon. With the sound of the river and waterfall. With the swaying of the sea and fluttering of the birds. Heal yourself with mint, Neem and eucalyptus. Sweeten with lavender, rosemary and chamomile. Put love in tea instead of sugar and drink it looking at the stars. Heal yourself with the kisses that the wind gives you and hugs of the rain. Stand strong with your bare feet on the ground and with everything that comes from it. Be smarter everyday by listening to your intuition, look at the world with your forehead. Jump, dance, sing so that you live happier. Heal yourself with beautiful love and always remember, you are the medicine.”

The above prescription is especially meaningful to me, as I live alone, not necessarily seeking out company, as time melts into timelessness.

The next chapter of my life has begun.


Meet Kate And Dean Holland.

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