Kate’s Corner: Day #4 Of My Retirement

Retirement has opened up new vistas, all involving my concept of “time.” When I worked 1-3 nights a week, recovery time often involved 2-4 days before I felt decent again.

Then, back to it another round.

I’ve been waiting for this opening of mind and imagination my entire life! I don’t call it retirement, necessarily, but freedom out of which flows abundance. This act of moving forward for my final act in this lifetime involves courage. No one wants to die but the final act involves a hard look at the inevitable.

Gratitude in the face of bodily failings is a spiritual practice. Gratitude when plunging into the unknowns of life is where the action is. For instance, starting new businesses may not be anyone’s idea of the true meaning of retirement, but this new life is the life for me. Days are long and the visionary in me is born.

I’ve aligned myself with several mentors, this year, one of whom is Dean Holland, in my affiliate marketing business.

Meet Kate And Dean.



4 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Day #4 Of My Retirement”

  1. Gratitude is a gift I delivered to myself in huge doses last year. I’m working on combining it with your earlier suggestion of awe. I love seeing glimpse of Maso those darling expressive ears. I don’t think people pay enough attention to how expressive dogs ears are.💕

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