Kate’s Corner: Releasing That Which Does Not Serve

Today is Day 6 of my retirement. As I lay down track on this blog, in order to continue creating content, I’ve slowed down my life, which is easier to do in retirement. The trick is to not fill up moments with unnecessary time wasters, or those things I perceive to be unimportant.

I ate something that didn’t agree with me last night, and in the throes of that, pulled from my tool box of healing remedies to discover just sitting and breathing with it helped to bring clarity. Now as I write these words, I hear crows bantering back and forth. I smell an oil infused with herbs sent by my niece at an earlier time. Maso lies with me as I sort out my priorities for this day.

As one of our mentors in the Dean Holland program pointed out yesterday, don’t give up, keep laying track, keep on keeping on. Excuses are many to lay off for awhile.

And I can’t call in sick!

Maso, my Boston Bull Terrier, is always by my side, and this video is no exception. He is the perfect mascot. When I was sick last night, he showed concern and compassion. He is my sweet boy.

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33 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Releasing That Which Does Not Serve”

  1. I showed my son Maso and he wanted to know he would like another person to cuddle with. I hope your feeling better and that you both have a good day. Thank you for being a part of #BlogBoost #UBC

  2. Kate, I love Maso! I have a Boxer always by my side, Mr. Keats. He makes my world go round!
    In fact, his health is failing and I have moved my computer and two monitors this morning into the bedroom so I can be by his side as I work. Congratulations on your retirement! I look forward to seeing what you do with it! It sounds like you have big plans! I hope you get better in time to have a wonderful weekend!
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  3. Kate, hope you are feeling better and that the therapeutic presence of Maso, is helpful

    Your approach to removing unnecessary distractions and focusing on what truly matters is a lesson in mindfulness and prioritizing well-being.

    Keep sharing your wisdom and experiences!

  4. Hi Kate! Maso is very cute 🙂 I have two dogs myself, they do contribute to happiness in life!

    I hope the snowstorm won’t be too bad, and that you will get well very soon!

    Removing distractions to focus on what really matters is crucial to success in any area of life, be it business, relationships, health.

    Time is an equal resource for us all, what we do with it is a completely different matter!

    Take care, Katrin
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  5. Hey Kate, I hope you are feeling better soon, I love your “releasing that which does not serve” approach, for me it resonates for things, people, activities, environments – the whole lot. As I go about decluttering my life I use my “joy meter” to determine whether I keep or let go, does it being me joy, yes or no? Sometimes I need to sit with it a bit, it’s so powerful and liberating for me. Thanks for your wisdom and love. Love you too, feel better real quick.
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    1. Your approach to decluttering is genius! Does it bring me joy and then sitting with it is a powerful reflection! I am still in the process of clearing out my life and will use this approach!

  6. Our fur babies seem to know when we aren’t feeling well, they are right by out sides. I hope you’re feeling better, take it slow and rest up! Love your video.

  7. Kate,
    Dogs are great companions especially when you are sick. I know our mascot Mrs. Shadow is always there to greet and comfort me and SJ. Add the snuggle time some incents, creates a relaxing environment.

    Hope you are feeling better.

  8. “Life is not to be spent hating each other”

    Great wisdom here. If more people understand this, the World will be a much better place.

    Hope you get well soon. Take care.

  9. I hope you are feeling better. There is nothing worse than feeling ill and not getting things done.
    Dogs are incredible. I have a Frenchie and he is so loving, lovely company.

    You have a brilliant mindset and I look forward to seeing your next video.

  10. Hey Kate, so great to see Maso there with you! Thanks for sharing the video, and kudos to you for finding healing solutions to getting your internal parts feeling better.

    Never give up!

  11. Kate, Life is to short to Hate. Oh, but what this world would look like if it centered around LOVE… If our pets have no problem showing it, maybe we can learn from them 😉. I have a 60lb Mini-Pit that thinks she’s a small lap dog. She is 11 years old and Absolutly Loves our Grandbabies which pull on her ears, tail, and think shes a small pony…LOL Hope You are Feeling Better!

  12. Hi Kate,
    great post and video, and this cheeky look from Maso 🙂
    Most people think when they retire they can just chill and relax. Probably after one week, this would be too boring (for me for sure). You have a better approach, looking ahead and growing your business while sharing love and wisdom. Fabulous.
    Have a good day!

  13. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping you feel better real soon. By the way, Maso is just the absolute cutest! I’ve always heard that dogs are like angels without wings, always there to take care of us and keep us company. Your mentor is spot on – keep laying those tracks every day. Here’s to a happy retirement! 🌈

  14. I like the layout of your blog and of course the picture of your dear Maso. I also applaud your short video. You are on track.
    Thank you again for your help with my posting issue. That in itself was huge for me. I was going to the wrong spot in word press trying to post and it just didn’t work. At least I know what doesn’t now, right? Anyway, thanks again!
    Looking forward to next blog, keep up the great work!

  15. Hey Kate, I feel your mindset. I have a picture next to my bed that reads
    Never Give Up! It’s a powerful message to start and end every. I start and
    end each day by reviewing my daily Day-Timer where write-out my daily
    schedule. It keeps me on track so I never waste time.

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