Kate’s Corner: Resolving Grief By Blogging

Yesterday, this blog was going through some changes, so I posted on a blog I used to have after my late husband’s death from Covid. I can tell it didn’t translate property on the page. I don’t own that site. But I do own this wordPress blog/webpage, which works perfectly, when it works.

What I spoke about yesterday was how my Boston Bulldog Terrier, named Maso, after my late husband, Tomaso, has attributes that remind me of Tomaso. He is loyal, loving, nibbles on my ear, but is not able to fix me breakfast. I have over 200 blog posts on that blog. I lost count as I attempted to count them all just now.

I was able to resolve the grief of that loss after 250+ posts, written nearly every day. This is a triumph within itself, in that writing, as I did, for at least a year, had a healing effect on my psyche, possibly encouraging others to keep a journal, at least thus gently resolving a grieving heart to another level of normal. But life is not the same no matter how you look at it.

Covid changed everything. So does the death of a loved one. Combine them and what happens can either make you or break you. I chose to study spirituality and use words I wrote to enhance my understanding of the mysteries of life.

This blog is an evolving business under the tutelage of Dean Holland. Our online community is full of helpful people. My hope is you can join us and create your business, building a foundation from the ground on up!

Thanks for reading!

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11 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Resolving Grief By Blogging”

  1. Appreciate how you were able to work through your grief with blogging In your writing you have often shown ways to understand stuck place and ways to move out of them My own experience with grief has been the necessity to do something write or paint sometimes just move or mine had stayed stuck. Stuck is a hard place

    1. Grief is an inevitable part of life! How we transmute it to joy is an art form. I must say, living alone day in and day out these past 4 years has been an exercise in loving myself without reservations. Loneliness is not an option!!

  2. Kate, you speak so well. And I love your glasses– a great look on you.

    If it helps you to know you have company in grief: I have lost my mother, two sisters, and my husband in the last several years. (No one left due to Covid.) I belong to a grief circle through the Hospice of the Valley, which cared for my husband in his last 5 days. The group overlaps with my church community. It is astonishing how many widows are around us all the time. Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of your beloved Tomaso.

    I think a major benefit of writing– as a grief release– is that we access corners of our hearts and minds that we might not otherwise. I pray, talk with God and guides, meditate, work in the garden, walk around skygazing– for me all this helps. Blessings to you!

  3. Thanks for a thought provoking post.
    Still processing, I cannot think of what more to say.
    I recall a meme that says:
    “do nothing when nothing works”
    I say: blog on!

  4. Grieving is an interesting process – it comes and goes. Sometimes you wonder why you feel so tired. Me, too! I got through it, out of it? are you ever ut of it? I went back to school. The intensity of learning was a joy. Thanks for sharing.

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