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I am about to migrate my existing blog into affiliate systems, as I mentioned before. I’m afraid the blog will be in need of my reconstruction at that point, so rather than wait until I migrate it and do another post and video, I’ll do the post and video and migrate it later.

I want to revisit some of the blog posts I did around the time of Covid and my husband‘s death. I want to copy and paste them here and then I will move on.

This was the first post of at least 250 posts (I lost count) after the death of my husband Tomaso, to Covid:

“We must face the facts of life. Fact #1: we all will die.

Fact #2: so will the people in our lives.
These facts represent the great mystery called impermanence in all spiritual philosophies. It is also the great denial. Death is still in the closet in American Society. The earth is dying at the hands of human beings. Everyday we draw closer to our own passing into worlds we will one day discover. Embracing these facts with curiosity and open mindedness will liberate from the denial and connect us to stand steadfastly in the here and now. We change the world by first transforming self to Self. We do this by accepting the only moment there is.

My dog Pearl and I take long walks everyday. The act of walking is paramount to our good health- the only true wealth. Without our health, we have nothing. Good health will be explored in another blog post, but suffice to say, looking forward to future events and projects, if done from a restful place in the Now, is a perfect expression of a life well lived. Allow it. Breathe with it. Follow that breath throughout its natural cycle. Then breathe again. OM

And another written on Tomaso’s Birthday, 2021:

Tomaso would be 72 years today.

Meanwhile, I am taking an eight week immersion into the life teachings of Ram Dass. What is fascinating to me is how many young people have joined the course.

The teachings include the journey from Richard Alpert to Ram Dass, the evolution from ego to soul, (which we are studying now), the ability to live in the world but not of the world. The influence of of Guru/Disciple is always informing the narrative.
Ram Dass passed beyond the veil 12/22/2019 but is very much present to all of us taking the course.

One of my pressing questions has already been answered, which is, why do I always feel Tomaso around, lovingly so, while others who have loved ones pass never feel their presence?
Ram Dass explains the planes of consciousness:
1) ego consciousness
2) soul consciousness
3) spacious awareness or Atman (God).
Most people live entirely in their egos, doubting the verity of sight beyond the senses. Doubt is the elephant in the room denied by most people. As for why I feel Tomaso around most times is because I, more and more, especially since Tomaso‘s last breath, live in a realm of quiet, solitude and reflection. I live more and more on a soul plane. As the mask mandate lifts and people are swept away by the reuniting of humanity, I stay on the sidelines, fully immersed in a year-long spiritual retreat with Will Johnson and the spiritual teachings of Ram Dass and many others.

The pandemic has opened my heart and my soul. 


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7 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Before I Leave This Topic”

  1. Sweet poignant post as you prepare for the next phase of your journey.
    I love Baba Ran Dass, and feel so blessed to have experienced his presence and sat with him at Breitenbush! Such rich experiences – and he served himself at our buffet, and bussed his own dishes! Have you listened to Krishna Dass? I love having one of his Kirtan gatherings on some days.
    I was grateful Baba Ram Dass’ memorial service (2+ hours!) was broadcast from Hawaii, and cried through it … and remember being grateful his passing predated lock down!
    a dear friend/ former sweetie recently passed, and I’ve been feeling his presence and nudges.
    Nadya King recently posted…CalazoneMy Profile

  2. Perfect posts to revisit on Throwback Thursday. Wishing you success as you migrate your blog and keep the memories of you hubby in your heart and he will always be with you. Hugs!

  3. Hey Kate, please never leave this topic on how your are traversing loosing your dearly beloved. I too have lost my husband, septic shock because of cancer, we had the privilege to hold him as his life support was switched off and he slipped away peacefully. It’s a pretty raw journey at first and now days, 6 and a bit years later, I have integrated him into my day, I celebrate him, ,I feel his energy around me, I am the person I am today because I got to share 30 years of my life with him. How lucky am I !!!
    You have inspired me to blog about my journey .. to share the realisations, recalibrations and reinventions…. thanks for sharing .. cheers Rose
    Rose Ruane recently posted…#3 – I got a bit stuckMy Profile

  4. Maybe enjoy is not the right word to say about your thoughts on death. Interesting might be a better word. I haven’t study Ram Dass, except to know who he is. For myself, I find death harder to deal with now than when I was younger. I find it strange since that was part of my job my whole working life.

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