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Last evening, I came to the realization I had not been adding tags or long tailed keywords properly to this blog.

This is a techie challenge, but Google and search engine bots look to tags and keywords to spread information across the World Wide Web.

I have many blog posts so far and felt mildly overwhelmed by having to systematically correct each post.

This is where AI comes into play to save my day.

1) copy and paste the post into Chat GPT.

2) ask ChatGPT to come up with tag that reflect the content of your post.

3) ChatGPT comes up with too many for short posts, so I was able to pick and choose the ones I wanted to showcase and VIOLA!

4) task completed in half the time.

Using ChatGPT for tasks that ordinarily take hours was completed in several hours. I do not use ChatGPT for my creative content creation, but use it as explained here and for similar tasks.

I hope that helps.


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8 thoughts on “Kate‘s Corner: Blog Tags”

  1. I’m learning this tech world too. I’m slowly getting my blog up and just figured out how to add the subscribe and share buttons. I have a hard time thinking of tags too, so I appreciate the tip for using AI.

  2. I’ve messed around with chatgpt a little, and got some interesting information from it.

    But I recently realized I could use it for writing descriptions and titles for my videos to maximize them for SEO. I tell it what the video is about, and can even just give it the entire transcript, and then ask it to rewrite my description for the purpose I need. Then it also gives me suggestions for the tags. It’s incredibly helpful – especially since so much of that stuff is really just written for another computer to read. It’s super helpful and saves so much time.

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