Kate’s Corner: Strategy Alert

I am in a unique position as I juggle two separate businesses, which can be combined to great effect, if I am strategic in my approach.

1) is a website to sell supplements for America’s heroic nurses, which is a Shopify store.

2 is Kate loving business dot com to showcase Dean Holland affiliate program, which concentrates in my business on career changes for nurses, wanting to leave corporate medicine.

I will need to segment my audience based on their interests. Some may be more health focused, while others may be seeking career changes – or both.

I believe I can address both audiences on this blog.

Creating synergistic messaging is paramount, by developing marketing materials that emphasize how both programs contribute to the overall well-being of nurses. For example, supplements can help maintain a nurses health, which is crucial for those exploring new career opportunities.

The Shopify website is a work in progress soon to go live.

Part two of this topic will be explored tomorrow.

Meet Kate And Dean Holland

16 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Strategy Alert”

  1. Kate,

    Glad to see you have a niche where you can combined two into one. One thing you might think about is getting one up and going before adding in the second.

    It is better to stay focused one instead of splitting your focus on both. A lot of people when they split their focus they end up being unsuccessful in both.

    Just some food for thought.

  2. great post Kate,
    I think being able to address both segments with one blog is a great idea – just make sure that, like CJ mentioned, you don’t find yourself “chasing two rabbits” at the same time!
    Focusing on how you can help others achieve their goals is definitely a great avenue: mostly when it encompasses your health!
    Looking forward to seeing it blossom!

    1. “Easy does it,” comes to mind. I just finished my morning meditation and had a vision of nurturing both businesses, like they are my children! Keep them both in mind in a spirit of Love!

      That’s the key.

  3. Very clever to use synergies, Kate.
    I feel like “retired nurse” is just an alias. I all reality you’re a busy business woman 😉
    Why are you wearing your warm jacket, did something happen to your heating?

  4. Hey Kate

    Awesome to see your blog and learn more about what you’re doing, how exciting 🙂

    You must be a sucker for punishment just like me running two business hehe!!

    I love how you have a purpose behind what you’re doing, I believe that’s important as you can use that to drive you forwards (especially on the challenging days!)

    Here’s to the future!!


  5. When I started the business that finally worked, I discovered two things. 1. I needed to know my business offering inside and out. 2. I needed to know about business which is not the same as the business offering. That was the vertical learning curve. Good luck with the two business ventures.. It’s a handfull.

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