Kate’s Corner: Decluttering For 2024

 I woke early this morning with the impulse to declutter. First I rehearsed in my mind how best to begin. Next week, we return to Dean Holland‘s mentorship in our affiliate marketing adventures. There’s nothing worse than feeling disjointed by things that need to be dealt with in your environment, so that is why I am taking these steps today.

Today’s video captured Maso the mascot briefly, because I found a video editor that allows me to switch the camera and switch it back again. Every day is a learning curve, because I have been out of the content creation game for so long but I’m happy to return to it and learn all that is needed to get the message out.

My message today is- if punching a time clock everyday in the workplace is no longer acceptable and drains your potential to grow, click on the link that says, Meet Kate And Dean, above this video to see what I’ve been talking about!

Meet Kate And Dean

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