Kate’s Corner: Dear Boomers-My You Tube Journey

Kate’s Corner: Dear Boomers- as I continue to build my YouTube channel, I want to share a few caveats I’ve learned along the way.

Short form videos attract other junk short form videos to be viewed after your own. The way to avoid this is to make videos that are 10+ minutes in length preferably 15, 30 or 60 minutes or longer. Make sure the YouTube search engine takes the viewer to your page by keywords, etc. Also, you can link another of your long form videos to the video of your choice. This keeps the viewer on your channel. You can set this up on your YouTube back office, under customization.

Why do I want a YouTube channel to begin with? YouTube is an evergreen site. All the other social media sites will show your content for a limited time only. Not sure where it goes after that, but I’ve heard it said everything you’ve ever posted stays online forever, or until an asteroid takes out the grid and everything else. NASA has a plan for that!

Never start a video with hi I’m blank and this is my business blank. You will lose your audience immediately. Why? I believe it’s because no one really cares. They are more interested in what you have to say not some ego statement that doesn’t give any value.

Start instead with an unpopular opinion, leading into stories and remedies, and make sure you ask them to subscribe to your YouTube channel at the end.

You can feature YouTube shows, where you talk to thought leaders in your niche. I plan to start that kind of show soon. Somewhere in the middle of the interview, you ask a question to your guest, and add a statement to plant the idea of your own intention for making your contribution to the world.

Then, assuming your guest is on social media, you sent out a clip of the show that your guest was on, send it out to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. and tag your guest to keep you uppermost in their mind. Same clip one month later, and again every month thereafter. The idea is to provoke connections thus opening more opportunities.

Also important is to post at least three times a week. I’ve been posting every day and that is preferable.

The video in the blog today is the first in a series about breath, breathing and meditation. Enjoy.


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14 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Dear Boomers-My You Tube Journey”

  1. I love it you have found your niche! I am still looking for mine as well as choosing a primary platform for my business. I am learning so much for you and others. Now, while reading your blog and watching your video in this blog, I am encouraged. You see, this is the 3rd time in 2 days I have been reminded to breathe. Someone is trying to tell me something. I like it when you say “I am able to navigate the world in a better way” when you are in the right spirit. Good stuff, Kate!

  2. Hi Kate, Great post about YouTube! It seems like the more I read from others, YouTube is the best video based option out there. As big as it is I’m sure it will take some time to figure it out and use it effectively. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…The Unexpected 🤷My Profile

  3. I am so impressed by your consistency and daily postings. You are truly an inspiration. Not only are you dedicated, but you have found a way to help others, not only by showing them how to make money online through affiliate marketing but also by providing tools for mindset, which is so key in all aspects of our lives. Whether you want to be successful in business, lose weight, or make dietary changes for health, these things are hard to do, and anything that is challenging takes the right mindset. Love following your journey!

  4. Wonderful post and great video, Kate. I think YouTube will become my primary platform as it appears to be a platform that has been around for such a long time. I admire your ability to create videos every day, but I think the process is going to be much slower for me. Thank you for the tips… keep on sharing.

  5. Hi Kate,
    This is good information. Thank you! My main platform I’m gonna go with is TikTok only because I believe I will be seen faster on that platform, but you’re right about YouTube always keeping your content out there. It never goes away and I like that idea! That’s why once I become known on TikTok I think YouTube with be my next platform I will explore. Thank you so much! Take care…

  6. Kate, you have given me pause for thought. I have nothing but short form video on YouTube and they have quite often been used as content for a blog post.

    But I will certainly use your advice about starting with an unpopular opinion. It’s a great idea for a hook.

    I had recently been introduced to breathing exercises and the Wim Hof method came up. I like your stance on conscious breathing and gratitude!
    Robert Klein recently posted…My 5 Ways of Achieving that Peaceful Easy FeelingMy Profile

  7. Hi kate,
    Your post about breathing is on point. You’re addressing a crucial aspect of human behavior. Most people don’t know how to breathe properly. I appreciate and congratulate you for this post.

  8. Kate,
    I’ve taken the plunge into YouTube as my main platform and I’m diving into short videos for now. My focus is on getting comfortable with content creation. The idea of a 10-minute video seems daunting at the moment, but who knows? Maybe with time and practice, it’ll become more manageable.

  9. Thank you Kate for these advices. I plan to start with some 2min. YouTube videos for now and see how far this goes. You find your niche and you have grown in assurance this is fantastic! Nice work!

  10. Great advice to start your video with something controversial or like you’ve said, an ‘unpopular opinion’

    Looking forward to your great idea to partner with other thought leaders in your niche to have discussions on YouTube. Sounds like a Joint Venture (JV) approach which I know is a great strategy.

    Hoping to borrow from you your consistency and persistence in producing daily content!

  11. Kate, you are becoming a true expert on YouTube and social media video. I’m very impressed by the volume of video content that you create throughout the week. You’ve got TikTok and then you’ve got Kate’s corner and then YouTube as well. It’s great how you have got a target audience and how you cater to their needs. I’m learning lots from you and you continue to inspire me. Thank you so much. Very much appreciated. Thanks, Atif

  12. Kate your advice on building a YouTube channel is invaluable. Your emphasis on long-form videos and strategic keyword usage demonstrates a deep understanding of the platform’s algorithms. I appreciate your insight into content longevity on YouTube compared to other social media platforms. your recommendation to avoid self-promotion at the start of videos and instead focus on engaging content is spot on.

    Keep up the good work,
    You got this!

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