Kate’s Corner: Dear Boomer-Spring Time In Central Pennsylvania

Springtime is one of my favorite seasons here in Pennsylvania. Often it passes too quickly because work interferes with going outdoors to thoroughly enjoy it. This could be said for every season but spring particularly is short-lived. People often complain that spring turns too quickly to summer.

Every day is a new lifetime and opportunity to manifest ourselves and our work into the world. Every idea which does not become your ideal chisels away at the Lifeforce, which flows through you and everyone else. This force activates all realms of unseen beings. It is important to blend intellectual knowledge with higher worlds to make our work meaningful.

This is why the 9 to 5 existence has become a barrier to the connections we have with the earth the universe. And this is why so many are looking for income alternatives that allow us to work from home.

The program by Dean Holland and our affiliate program is invaluable. Dean is our coach and keeps us focused on what we must do to succeed. Of course, successes has multilevel meanngs for everyone. For me, to walk in nature every day and all weather and seasons is successful. A potential income is guaranteed as I work on my money mindset and all other mindset consistently. I have the time to do this since I am retired and work on home-based businesses every day.

Join me on a walk and experience the peepers (frogs) and emerging green in a nearby park in the accompanying You Tube Video.

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16 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Dear Boomer-Spring Time In Central Pennsylvania”

  1. I love spring when the flowers start to bud and bloom. Mornings are my favorite when it’s cool and I can smell so many flowers. I was lucky, we owned our own interior decorating business but had many appointments at condos on the beach where it was like a vacation even though we were working.

  2. Kate, I love reading your blogs, they are so inspiring. It is true; sometimes spring goes by so quickly; I love that you are present each day, taking the time to get outside, connect with nature, and enjoy all the amazing things this world has to offer!

  3. Kate, what a lovely day in mid-Pennsylvania. Thank you for pointing out the dogwood– I haven’t seen one in ages, living in Phoenix. Affiliate marketing isn’t for me, but I see Russell Brunson has made lots of money with his ClickFunnels. Good luck with it!

  4. Hi Kate,
    Central Pennsylvania looks and sounds lovely in the spring. Where I am, we’re half way through autumn and looking forward to a nice dry winter. Summer this year was particularly wet and humid. I’m in far north Queensland, Australia 🇦🇺. I do enjoy watching your videos and wow, you have made so many.

  5. Hi, Kate!
    I am enjoying spring as well! I live in Texas. It will be too hot for me very soon, so I’m soaking up nature while I can be outside. I’m looking forward to when my business becomes full-time. I’m very sensitive to the sun. During the winter, when the trees were bare, there wasn’t a lot of shade. I could only be outside in the afternoon or evening (the sun is blocked by our awning then), and that’s when I work! So, I can relate to wanting to make my own schedule so I can be outside when I can.
    Enjoy the spring!

  6. Hi Kate,
    I live in St. Augustine Florida, so it gets pretty hot here in the summertime. I love springtime! It’s my favorite time of year. I wish it would last longer than a couple of months. You don’t get to enjoy everything blooming simply because it gets so hot here and so quickly. Enjoy it while you have it. Thanks!

  7. Kate,

    Your appreciation for spring is relatable, yet its brevity can be frustrating amid work demands.

    Your reflection on daily opportunities resonates deeply, emphasizing the importance of aligning actions with purpose. Balancing intellectual knowledge with higher wisdom underscores the need for meaningful work connections. The constraints of traditional work structures highlight the appeal of remote alternatives, like Dean Holland’s program. Success, uniquely defined, involves both personal fulfillment and financial abundance.

    Your journey serves as a reminder to seize each day for growth and harmony.

    Enjoy the spring and take time to smell the roses.

  8. Ahh the fleeting beauty of spring! Reminds us to cherish each moment and opportunity that comes our way.

    Indeed, the rhythm of nature seems to clash with the demands of modern life where we work, work, and work leading many to lose a deeper connection with the earth and our universe.

    The invitation to join you on a walk through nature, and captured in the accompanying YouTube video, I do enjoy your sharing the beauty and tranquility of your surroundings with others.

    It’s a reminder to us to embrace the simple joys of life.

    Thank you for sharing your perspective and inviting others to join you on this journey of discovery and connection. May your walks in nature continue to inspire and rejuvenate both body and soul.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…You, Me & Beyonce – Telling Your StoryMy Profile

  9. YES, YES, YES! Every day is a new opportunity to live life, enjoy life, support life and encourage life! Thanks for taking us on a walk with Maso!

  10. There’s one line that you wrote that I must commend you for putting so eloquently: “the 9 to 5 existence has become a barrier to the connections we have with the earth the universe.” I love how you phrase this… and I couldn’t agree more. We are a society that doesn’t go outside, we don’t have to walk to work or walk home… and we certainly aren’t walking around barefoot when we DO get to go outside. There’s a disconnect… and you can’t convince me that that’s not a big reason why so many people are feeling incomplete and unhappy.

  11. Kate, It’s refreshing to hear your perspective on embracing the beauty of springtime amidst life’s daily demands. Indeed, the fleeting nature of this season often reminds us to seize each moment and appreciate the wonders of nature. Your insight about blending intellectual knowledge with higher realms resonates deeply, highlighting the importance of aligning our work with meaningful purpose. It’s inspiring to see how you’ve found success not just in financial terms, but also in the simple joys of connecting with nature and nurturing your mindset. Dean Holland’s program is a valuable resource for guiding individuals towards holistic success, encompassing both personal fulfilment and financial abundance. Thank you for sharing your journey and inviting us to join you on a virtual walk through nature – it’s a wonderful reminder to embrace the beauty around us and find fulfilment in the present moment. Thanks, Atif

  12. Great video, I especially like the birdsong. The peepers are pretty great too.

    I like your message, it’s never too late, and we’re never too old.

    Oh, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with taking naps. My great uncle used to call it having a toes up, which I always liked.

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