Kate’ Corner: Dear Boomers: Do You Fear Losing Your Memory?

I have decided to use YouTube as a main traffic source for my business, and also as a means to build up my YouTube channel. I have been thinking deeply about my niche group, and they are seniors. The idea is to unlock the false beliefs surrounding aging, money, and fear of death.

These topics are unpopular opinions that draw people in. I have a list of topics to do for the next 100 days. This is day two of this experiment. Day one was me looking terrified, and speaking hesitantly. I like today’s better. Tell me what you think.

Nevertheless, I am passionate about this topic. Retirement is a dream come true for me, but the fears I have about outliving my assets are real, and I know others have the same fear. That was yesterday’s video.

Today’s video goes into the worry of losing my memory . My dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. My cousin‘s wife had a diagnosis of Lewy Bodies, a type of vascular dementia.

Fear of these brain diseases can be paralyzing for some people. “You become what you think” is a real thing. My mother died of stroke complications. My dad died of Alzheimer’s and heart attack. I am not my mother or my father. I can learn from their struggles, and all of my struggles.

And go on to the serve the world.

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27 thoughts on “Kate’ Corner: Dear Boomers: Do You Fear Losing Your Memory?”

  1. Congratulations on choosing your primary platform. That is a decision I am currently trying to make and hope to decide soon. Good post and good video on this important topic. I appreciate your positive aspects of the video and encouraging content!

  2. Hi Kate,
    Wow, I’m about to turn 70 this year and so far, I have had no fear of falling into the dementia pit. My mother had Alzheimer’s in the last few years of her life but no one else in my family as far as I know. Your blog was a great reminder that we are all vulnerable in some way but we must be resilient and strong and above all be true to ourselves. I love your presentation in your videos; you have a real screen presence.

  3. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for this post today. It gets very scary as we all start to get older. I’m so sorry to hear about all the people in your life you have lost. I know very well what it’s like dealing with Lewy Bodies disease. My father had a bad case of it and died from it in 2016. He mainly died from not getting enough sleep, because he would Hallucinate a lot. Not only when awake, but when sleeping too, and his body got worn down because he wasn’t getting restful sleep. There was so many things that happened to him with that disease it was bad. It’s a horrible disease to get. So sorry about your cousins wife. I’m sure you will age just fine. you seem like a strong person.. I admire you trying to help the elderly with focusing on retirement, and how to overcome the obstacles that come with it. great post Kate! Thanks

    1. I’ve heard time and time again, don’t retire until you have the money. HOGWASH!! Same is said about having babies. There’s never a good time to bring children into the world, so just do it!!

  4. Hi Kate, I understand this fear you are talking about because I’m living it actually with my mother who has Alzheimer’s. I have the fear that this could happen to me as well so this generate anxiety. Nevertheless I found your video really reassuring and also you seem very at ease delivering your content. Well done!

  5. Kate, I am so afraid of dementia. My grandmother and two aunts both had Alzheimer’s, and it is so scary to see someone you love disappear before your eyes. I am so glad you are talking about these subjects; for boomers, it is a real issue running out of money. Everything has gotten so expensive, and when you have a fixed income (social security) and limited savings, this can be of great concern. I am so amazed at your daily videos. Posting 100 videos in 100 days is quite a feat, and your determination and passing are inspiring.

  6. Hi Kate,

    Glad you picked a platform. As for fear of what is to come for each of us. I look at it as it is what it is. We can only control what we can.. When our time comes it comes.. I keep moving forward, and hope I make something out of myself for the ones I leave behind. Hmm not really sure if that makes sense..

  7. Your positivity and willingness to attack sensitive issues is inspiring.
    My grandma had dementia, and I watched her struggle. It was so heartbreaking I now have a fear of it. I often burry my head in the sand, living for today and not worrying about the future but it is coming….

    I’m pleased you’ve chosen your primary platform. I look forward to adding to you to my subscriber list.

  8. I’m so glad to watch your success unfold on YouTube! You’re such an inspiration to how to set up this social media outlet properly. I appreciate your openness to talk about these sensitive topics.. just like you said, unpopular topics but they tend to draw people in. You’re helping so many people tackle topics that so many people don’t want to talk about.

  9. Hi Kate,
    You are an inspiration to us Baby boomers and I commend you for your determination in posting 100 videos in 100 days. My mother too had dementia as a result of a stroke but not as severe as some and she still lived to the age of 92.
    I don’t get much spare time to do all the things I would like to do especially in the last few months. I will try to watch many of your videos for further inspiration.
    To give you a laugh, part of ageing is also dental problems and I was getting up the courage to try doing a video on Youtube but I lost one tooth and another two on each side are going to need to be pulled out. So I might have to not talk much or do subtitles or hold up signs! Or be the first toothless affiliate marketer making videos! LOL

  10. Kate, I think this is your best post yet. It was brilliant. You’ve got a really good niche with people that need help and it shows your nurturing and caring side that you truly care about these people which is wonderful. Regarding dementia my father has it and each week He seems to get a little bit worse. It’s heartbreaking seeing your parents who are your rocks change like that, but as a person of faith I believe it’s God’s process and it will be okay in the end. Your YouTube video is brilliant your tone your topics everything is really really good. The only thing I would say is that you weren’t looking at the camera you were looking off camera. you get a better connection if you look directly at the audience. Just locate the little camera lens on your computer and look at that, maybe put a sticker above it or something that might help. Fantastic blog well done proud of you. Take care thanks, Atif

  11. Hi Kate, very helpful post and video. As I get older I do notice that my body is no longer able to keep up with what my mind has planned, but I never really thought much about wether my mind can keep up. I will be much more mindful of the possibility of getting forgetful now. I do wonder if forgetfulness is something that can be “trained away” and that the more you practice remembering, the less likely it is that you will forget.

  12. Hi, Kate!
    I can understand the fear of losing the power of the mind. I take a medicine that makes my head forgetful, plus I also have migraines that cause “brain fog.” I’ve learned to be patient with myself!

    I’d be interested in how you combat people’s doubts about a person’s mental capacity when rather normal forgetfulness makes family and friends question them. How do you deal with that? I’d really like to hear some practical tips in your post.

    Looking forward to the next one!
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…Using YouTube As an Affiliate Marketing Traffic SourceMy Profile

  13. Hi Kate,

    I agree with Atif, best video yet. You have found your niche.

    I have been wondering about this loss of memory.
    I’ve noticed, not just older people…..
    seeming to be more forgetful.
    Perhaps I am just noticing it now as I get older…..

  14. Hi Kate,
    I’m going to repeat what many here have already said: you’ve found your niche my friend!
    Seriously though, you’re touching on a subject that has and will be affecting so many of us these days.
    I believe that there’s not one family that hasn’t had to go through these; your videos will definitely be a necessity for everyone.
    On a positive note, I’m really happy to see/read that you’ve found your calling in front of the camera! Returning from vacation, it’s given me the time to reflect on why I didn’t want to do videos – all excuses that had no foundations!
    Tik Tok will be seeing me this week!
    All the best,

  15. Hi Kate,
    Fellow Boomer here… barely. I’m proud to be a boomer because I feel fearless at this stage. I do worry about memory and other ailments that come with age, but I can’t control a lot of diagnoses that may appear from this point forward. I’m just trying to stay healthy, be proactive, and live one day at a time. It’s all anyone can do. I also believe that YouTube is the best choice for me, and I will be moving forward with that. Thank you for a great post and video… you are kickin’ butt, and I love it.

  16. Kate,
    I am also considering YouTube as my main social media platform. Kudos to you for taking on 100 videos in 100 days. I LOVE that ideal I may have to do the same. We only get better at something the more we practice that something.

  17. Kate,

    Illness of the brain is a very relevant topic. There are many individuals that are suffering from these diseases, not to mention that families that have to coup with their loved ones slowly fading away.

    This is sad but it is a topic that needs to be discussed.

    On another note, I look forward to the 100 video challenge you are doing.
    Keep growing and enjoy what you are doing.

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