Kate’s Corner: How can Mentorship Propel You to New Heights?

I have joined forces with three mentors: Dean, Holland, John Assaraf, and Evan Carmichael. What Dean doesn’t know, Evan does in the realm of You Tube mastery. John is a coach extraordinaire in the niche of business building and brain science. John is fondly called the brain whisperer by his tribe.

Mentors give us a belief in our potential. They arm us with wisdom and vision. Mentors have succeeded in what we attempt to do. They share the secrets of their success in a spirit of generosity. They spare us the pitfalls, and instill a belief in the future, overflowing with opportunity and possibility.

A mentor becomes a partner in our journey. Each achieved milestone is cheered not just by the mentor, but by his or her team. Our businesses are propelled forward by their knowledge of the complexities of the business.

A mentor helps us stretch beyond our limits to instillsa desire for life long learning.

A mentor is a catalyst for our success when we ask for help. I can inwardly ask myself: What would Dean, John or Evan do? Then an answer arises. But we also must engage frequently with them to make sure we are on the right track.

As we overcome our fears, so will the clients we help overcome theirs.

Momentum is achieved through focus and productivity leading to the creation of bold decisions.

Personally? I see people overthinking everything. My video today is me practicing the art of making longer You Tube Videos. It sucks but I’m putting it out there anyway.

Meet Dean Holland And Kate

Here is todays podcast:



38 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: How can Mentorship Propel You to New Heights?”

  1. Yes, Mentors are essential, they can help you identify and develop skills, they can offer feedback on your strengths and areas for improvement, suggest resources for learning, and provide opportunities for you to practice new skills. Glad you have found three you can work with

  2. hi Kate. thanks for sharing that. I agree having at least 1 but preferrably more mentors is vital for success. Take advice and leadership from those who have walked the path and add our own experiences is certainly the way to go

    1. Kate, thanks for sharing I too made this week’s post about choosing a mentor. I don’t know how you can keep up with three mentors I can barely keep up with Dean. However I did enjoy your video. keep us up to date on your discoveries.

  3. I 100% agree that having a mentor is key to success. Learning from someone else’s years of experience and having someone hold you accountable is so important. Plus, they say you should surround yourself with people who are successful and who live the life that you want. When you surround yourself with successful people, you increase your chances of being exposed to new opportunities and making valuable connections that can help you achieve your goals. They tend to be positive and have a growth mindset, keeping your mindset and growth in check.

  4. Kate, I’m impressed with your line-up of mentors. I like how you say mentor’s become a partner in our journey. Besides Dean, I do have a personal trainer for another month – and as I always say – a healthy me helps me maintain a healthy business.

    Keep on building your “Awareness”!
    Robert Klein recently posted…Facebook Ads – Payment ThresholdMy Profile

    1. Hi Kate,
      Good mentors are a very important part of your business. Dean has been great! Finding the right ones is the key… I’m impressed that you have found three of them for yourself. Good for you! Thanks for your post. Look forward to your next one.

  5. Hi Kate,
    I totally agree. Embarking on a journey like ours is extremely difficult without a mentor (or mentors, in your case). They are invaluable. I am in awe at your videos (and no way do they suck!) I am amazed at the variety of content. How can you not be successful with those in your arsenal?
    Andy Jacobs recently posted…Is It Really Me?My Profile

    1. One way I will not succeed is by making excuses about follow through in doing the work. I am dedicated to doing the work, and at the end of the day, watch a few episodes of “Friends” to laugh.

  6. Mentors provide invaluable guidance, fostering belief in our potential and propelling our businesses forward. They celebrate our successes and encourage lifelong learning.
    Your commitment to overcoming fears and embracing bold decisions is admirable. Sharing your experiences, such as practicing longer YouTube videos, reflects your dedication to growth.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your journey with Dean Holland. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hi Kate, I can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a mentor in our business. Look, even Dean still have a mentor! For me, a mentor is both a teacher and a good motivator. This was expressed very well in your post. Also, the mentor did the walk before you to meet with success. Without him, I would never have accomplished alone what I have accomplished so far.

  8. Hi Kate,
    I’ve learnt from experience that as you need an architect to prepare the building you’re going to build, you need the “hands-on” builders to get it done.
    Mentors will always help you “walk the talk” but we all have to do the walking!
    Great post with terrific information!

  9. Kate,
    Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more about the significance of mentors in achieving success in any business venture. Personally, I’ve embarked on numerous attempts to kickstart an online business, but unfortunately, none of them panned out successfully. However, through these experiences, I’ve come to understand the immense value of having a mentor. With their guidance and support, I’ve found myself better equipped and steered towards the path of success.

  10. Hi Kate,

    I appreciate your focus on the power of having mentors.
    There is so much we take for granted.

    Thanks for reminding us of the value of finding true mentors
    that you can like, know and trust.

    Following their advice and their offer of support can only help us to get on the right path to where we want to go.
    Eleanor Hope recently posted…Mistakes You Never Want To MakeMy Profile

    1. For me, the three mentioned mentors keep me excited about doing the work. No slacking here!! I know Dean wants us to just stick with him, and I love him dearly, but I don’t know how much time I have left in this beautiful world.

  11. Hi Kate,

    I deeply appreciate the value you’ve added by sharing this insightful information. Thank you for highlighting the crucial role mentors play in our lives and careers. Your words beautifully capture how mentors inspire belief in our potential, generously share wisdom, and guide us through challenges. All the best in your journey.

  12. I love the fact that even though you think your video “sucks” you shared it anyway. That is great, and I appreciate your courage. I actually think it’s pretty good, for the main reason it is authentic. Sounds like your mentors are helping you.

  13. Congrats on learning how to do longer YouTube videos and not letting fear stall you!

    Mentorship is so important. It’s good to have a guide and also the encouragement they provide.

    Rooting for you!

  14. Kate, you’re absolutely right about mentors being so important and what they bring to you. I didn’t realise you had three. That’s great as they are helping you in different areas. What you said at the end really caught my attention about overthinking. I definitely am overthinking many things whether it’s in my videos or my blog or just generally how the process works. Even though the overthinking allows me to ask lots of questions it makes me a bit impatient. All part of the mindset we have to adjust to. Great blog, thanks, Atif

  15. I believe in mentors and I believe in coaches. Sometimes they are on in the same if a mentor agrees to offer additional services and advise. I am so glad you found several and I hope to find a few more myself. Here’s to contiued success for you!

  16. Kate,

    One very important thing that was pointed out to me from Tony Robbins was that mentorship is not an option but a requirement for success. So much so, he make it one of his 3 primary pillars to success. He goes on to say that everyone needs a mentor in every area of their lives they wish to succeed in .

    I am a big believer in mentors they help accelerate the learning curve and avoid the pitfalls.

    I will never go it alone again. My time and energy is limited. A mentor is the only way to go.

    1. Excellent perspective in having coaches and mentors-in every area of life! In reality, I have more than the 3 I wrote about! Those who have gone on to other dimensions still teach from the great beyond. Wayne Dyer is a great example. Louise Hay and Bob Proctor, all amazing teachers!

  17. Hi Kate!
    I’m sorry to hear about the death in your family. My thoughts and prayers.
    Kate, you are moving at an amazing rate! I really like the details you posted about your journey with mentors.
    You are spot on about AWARENESS! There are many pieces and stepping stones which need to be approached with awareness, education, and a healthy mindset.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti
    Milissa Neirotti recently posted…From Pi to Profit: Exploring Affiliate Marketing Through Pi Day LessonsMy Profile

    1. I like what CJ said about the Tony Robbins approach to mentors. We need mentors in every area of life. My 93 year old cousin has a coach for weight lifting. I personally could use a Yoga Teacher. Evan Carmichael is my You Tube mentor. John Assaraf is my Business Coach.And the list goes on!!

  18. Kate, I couldn’t agree more with this post! I believe mentorship is vital to anyone’s success, ESPECIALLY if it’s in a business or market that you’re relatively new or fresh in. I think sometime’s there’s a stigma with paying for a coach, or a negative connotation around how much it may cost. I’m a firm believer you get what you pay for, and I live by this notion, both in myself as a customer and an entrepreneur. Great post! Great words of wisdom.

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