Kate’s Corner: Breakthrough Goals

Andrew Carnegie once said: “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy, and inspires your hope.” After writing three goals in all areas of your life, such as business, physical health, spiritual health, relationships, firstly, vow not to be overwhelmed. Creating a breakthrough goal involves choosing a […]

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Expectancy Theory Explained

Kate’s Corner: Expectancy Theory

I am still moving forward with Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles.” The human brain, based on a lifetime of events, learns what to expect next, whether it happens that way, or not. In other words, what we anticipate, participates an outcome, not necessarily fitting in with our envisioned ideal life. This is called the expectancy

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Kate’s Corner: Your Life Purpose

The second success principal Jack Canfield outlines in his “The Success Principles” is to defined your life purpose. Once you decide on what your life purpose is, in one memorizable sentence, then you organize all of your daily activities around it. What is your right livelihood? What are all the things that bring joy into

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Kate’s Corner: Retirement Day 10

I am studying the “Success Principles“ by Jack Canfield. The first principal is taking 100% responsibility for your life. How are you complicit in creating the conditions of your life you say you do not want? Jerry Colonna Every day we must pay attention to when we blame, make excuses, complain instead of taking action

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