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Kate’s Corner: Your Ideal Life

Today I will further sum up Jack Canfield‘s book “The Success Principles.“ We are at Step Three of this process.

Once your life purpose is defined, based on a sense of giving of yourself joyfully and abundantly, you decide what you want your life to look like: not in an ideal world, but in any given moment right here right now. No shoulds or obligations here, but what you desire based on your values and integrity.

Envision what you want in your finances and why. Do the same thing with your work, career and business. Do the same with your relationships, spouse or partner, children, friends, neighbors, and colleagues.

What is your ideal in terms of your health? Weight, fitness, flexibility, energy, sleep, food, and lifespan?

How about free time, recreation, fun, vacations, entertainment, travel, and sports?

Think about your personal spiritual life and terms of professional certifications , personal development, and spiritual practices.

Do you want or need a new car, clothing, jewelry, recreational vehicles, etc.?

And think about your legacy, fulfilling, your purpose, doing volunteer work, giving to charitable causes.

Some folks create a vision board, incorporating what their dreams might look like visually.

The point is, in order to manifest your best life, you must define it, write it down, draw it, dance it. This is called a holistic life.

To be continued…


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7 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Your Ideal Life”

  1. You raise some important questions. I lost my job over the summer and am still looking, but my heart is definitely elsewhere. I know what my passion is. Now I need to be brave enough to go after it. I’m going to bookmark this someplace where I can read it again and again and move forward. Thank you! – XO

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