Kate’s Corner: On Creating A Link Tree

This week, I wrestled down to the ground the task called “building a link tree” As usual, I had to reach out for help, because something on the platform became “corrupted“ as I attempted to perform the steps. This is not the fault of the platform called Affiliate System, but rather my inept knowledge of the system and process.

The big difference here is when I reach out for help, I am guaranteed to receive it.

The good news is, the more I use Affiliate System, the more comfortable I become with it, and it with me. In other words, a sort of intuitive communication arises as we become used to each other. This is what people mean when they say, a computer system intuitively works with them. This is in direct opposition to the computer system I used for the last year at the hospital called Cerner. It was absolutely the most unfriendly system I have ever worked with. I was not alone in feeling this way. The most frustrating part of it was I received no training. Those who did were not typically working with me on night shift. Mindset is what got me through the year.

My link tree introduction says this: Success, to me, is all about mindset. This means a constant vigilance over every thought and action of perseverance and gratitude I have, and reframe those thoughts that do not serve. These actions lead me to a life characterized by continued personal growth and fulfillment. Success is an inside job, not distinguished by external achievements, although external achievements may easily be an outcome. Join me in this mindset adventure!

Here is the link. Follow me on my online journey!

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