Kate’s Corner: Living The Simple Life

We can be grateful for many simple things in our lives. One is the simple act of breathing, or laughing, or listening to the silence. Another is the joy of listening to a person’s story as she struggles to articulate a sorrow or sadness. The joy lies in the listening without saying anything in return.

I was grateful for the opportunity to give patient-care from a mystical perspective. My patients are my family, even if I care for them briefly. They are often ill. More and more, we have a population of people not taking care of themselves. Anxiety levels are on the rise. The rush to get ahead often leaves people racing far, far behind. Behind what? Behind themselves.

The mystical experience of patient-care is a wonderful topic for a book. Certainly, it would help health-care professionals re-think their style of caring. We need not think of ourselves as needing to “fix” our patients. We simply work on clearing out our own inner world, and the rest takes care of itself. The moment-at-hand is subtle with a multi-dimensional aura of healing opportunity. Heal “thyself,” and celebrate the life we share as one breath, one Love.

What is the Law of Love? – finding the Heart in all things! Finding the heart’s pulse every day is part of my spiritual practice. When I find it in meaningful exchanges with people or animals, after prayer or meditation, or when I lay hands on a person or an animal’s body to bring healing, I feel energized and inspired for many hours.

Even if I only find “the pulse” for two to twenty minutes in a 12- to 16-hour nursing shift, I’m happier, more in-tune, and I feel as if my destiny is in full evolution. I don’t go into withdrawal if “the pulse” is not experienced for a day or a week. Rather, the simple act of remembering it is all that is needed at any given time.

“The pulse” can be activated by sending loving thoughts to a person, animal or tree, flower or rock and placing your hands on that person, beast or natural thing of beauty. Imagine the energy of the earth with the “in-breath” coming up through your feet and meeting in your heart. With the same “in-breath,” imagine the energy of the heavens, coming down through the top of your head, or Crown Chakra, and meeting the energy from the earth in your heart.

Circulate this heart-energy in a counter-clockwise fashion (from your perspective). Now with the “out-breath,” imagine the energy going down through your arms, through your hands, and into the person, beast or natural object. Enjoy this circulating energy! Place your attention at the point between your eyebrows, the third eye or sixth chakra, throughout this period of time. Think Loving thoughts.

Creating a Loving Field

You will feel “the pulse” after some practice, or after a few rotations of energy – or even immediately. Allow “the pulse” to heal you, to heal the object of your healing – to give you the needed alert-energy to go out into the world and heal the planet – and the entire universe!

“The pulse” is a gift from the angels or Goddess as you choose to understand Goddess. “The pulse” is innocent and pure.
“The pulse” cannot and must not be used in a manipulative way. For instance, don’t use “the pulse” with the idea of curing a person, rather think of “the pulse” as an ultimate-healing ambrosia that playfully and peacefully does its work independently – and simply needs you to direct it. Then it will take on a life of its own.

Think of “the pulse” as you communicate with all the proverbial unseen forces of the universe. In the act of connecting with it, you become one with it – you are it.

Circulating energy to the heart from the earth with the “in-breath,” and down through the Crown Chakra and through the arms to the hands with the “out-breath,” is called grounding, centering and aligning in healing and meditation circles. You don’t have to actually lay your hands on anyone or anything to perform this. Grounding, centering and aligning can be done any place, any time to wake up the energy of “the pulse.”

For instance, I imagine I am in a Federal courtroom waiting to be summoned to serve on a jury. I silently perform the grounding, centering and aligning exercise and feel my feet begin to “pulse.” I become aware of a seagull on a lamp-post on the street through the window. I hear people speaking in low voices and a little chime on someone’s watch. I feel “the pulse” in my feet as I pause a moment to write these words.

I silently send this energy throughout the room, giving all of those present a silent blessing and visualizing that everyone there is precious. This is called, “creating a Loving Field.” This is how I commune with Pearl and Maso The Dogs every day – and in this process, I am healed. Let us surrender to the powers that be today.

“The pulse,” as described above, is a simple way to get the healing energies flowing. As mentioned earlier, by bringing forth “the pulse” sensations in your hands, feet and body, you are creating a “Loving Field” around you and to those who surround you. The “Loving Field” is a wonderful place to live. By creating this lovely healing space, you insure that your vibration is on a higher plane of operation. You are somehow immune to negativity – you are naturally happy – you are free.

Here are a few tips to eliciting “the pulse:” Keep both feet firmly planted on the ground while doing the grounding, centering and aligning exercise as described; Drink plenty of pure water in order to cleanse and rejuvenate, or a cleansing tea such as an herbal tea that you love; Try Yerba Mata or Holy Basil tea – both are real rejuvenators, and will cleanse you from the inside out.

After a workout at the gym, the track, the pool or an outdoor walk, feel “the pulse” in your entire body, which is a reminder to ground, center and align – bringing the “Loving Field” into your reality. Learn to tune-in to your body and find out what it is telling you. Tune-in to its wisdom, its direction and guidance.

The “Loving Field” is always available to you. It is not hiding. Seek it and you will find it every time. It will help you find the blessings in the ordinary blocks set before your path today. Bless all the things you cannot change but are meant to make you change. These blessings may look like catastrophes to people who don’t understand the empowerment and growth enfolding in the life-lessons of any particular block or burden.

No longer will you ask “Why Me?” Instead, you will accept the divine mystery which has no rational explanation. These divine and spiritual mysteries are the stepping stones to accepting the Divine Will in all of life – in your life and in my life. Moment by moment, we lose our grip on needing to change what cannot be changed – and instead, we embrace the mystery connecting us to the Mystical Divine.

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If the world of business took into account the spiritual truths always available yet often elusive because of self-doubt, businesses would rarely fail. A mindset that involves finding connection rather than separation will surely bring great success in life. That is the foundation I base my business on.

10 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Living The Simple Life”

  1. Big business fosters an environment of competition rather than connection. I agree that if there was more of a spiritual approach, not only would business be better but the mental ad physical health of the employees would improve.

  2. I love what you’re saying here about finding the pulse. As you said, it would change everything if more people did this in business or work. It has been great to connect with you during this challenge. Hope to see you in April.

    1. Hi Jeanine, It was a pleasure to connect with the UBC folks and you, again. It’s been awhile whereby I could actually complete one of these! It’s a great feeling of success!! Let’s keep in touch!

  3. Beautiful!
    I’m reminded of a quick practice Ram Dass recommended – especially before any challenging encounter – he would imagine himself and others involved as trees, and invite their tree-selves to communicate first – it always smoothed the interactions.

    he also invited us to viee each other in the non-judhmental way we view trees – not ‘too tall’ or bushy or …. but as the divine beings they are!

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