Kate’s Corner: A Transcription Of My Conversation With Tom Harner

The radio show I used to do was called Kate Loving and the Collective Wisdom.

My husband, Tom and I had been approved for monthly meditation workshops at a local Unitarian Universalist Church. The name of the meditation workshop was called “Birthing Spirit.”

Birthing spirit is an accurate description of what we are doing in our workshops, describing what Meditation does for us. Tom joins me tonight and discussing how birthing spirit is it entry into pure love. We do this by putting the lid on the ego mind of fear, resentments, and an over concentration on the outer versus the inner world. Thus we bounce back in a spirit of mirth and curiosity.

After introducing Tomaso Harner, he mentioned how he is looking forward to affecting change for the people who need it, and want it. Meditation is an avenue for connecting with the inner soul and spirit. This is in direct opposition to allowing the business of the world to interfere with this flow of energy.

We discuss how people are continuously and addictively hooked into their cell phones. A good meditation practice can change this habit and stop the addiction. An over the top consumption of technology can alienate people from nature. Our work seamlessly connects people to a feeling of belonging with the human race and all the creatures great and small.

An over reliance on technology and social media rattles the inner psyche. Many of us are on the computer all day at work and when back home, continue the love affair on private devices. Consequently, people are rarely if ever unplugged.

If we are conducting our workshops over a four hour period, for example, then in those four hours people are unhooked from their devices. In the four hour period there’s an opportunity to clean the doors of perception as Aldous Huxley once wrote about.

The average time a person spends outdoors is less than five minutes a day, according to statistics. This creates even more alienation.

Then we discuss how getting into nature purposely is a way to connect with the divine. Going outside to look at the night sky is a wonderful way to enlarge ones often limited perception.

Then we discussed the energy of the heart in coherence with the energy of the earth forces, as being one of the most important things to do to create a coherent loving field. Sometimes we need more than five minutes of meditation to achieve the coherent loving field. It is achieved by connecting your energy with the core of the Earth.

This feeling of resonance can be achieved rather quickly, if one’s intention is in alignment with that which you want to achieve.

Meditation is the most effortless thing you can do and it brings you the best results. Every day is a brand new day when these practices are regularly used. An attitude of awe and wonder and gratitude are not difficult to obtain.

Tomaso synchronistically saw a humming bird, at this point. He went out side to be in nature! He said the awe he experienced in that moment would be impossible to experience on FaceBook or You Tube.

An e.e.Cummings quote was discussed, at this point:

“Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.” e. e. cummings

We must love ourselves to experience the energy we speak of.

Then we discuss “the witness” in terms of all the world religions. Tom said the witness serves to connect us to our own humanity. It guides and protects us. The witness is not an intellectual concept. It must be experienced to know what it is embodies.

The witness helps to drop all judgement. It is like a guardian spirit. Birth and death is discussed. Both processes are akin to the other.

The unmanifest realms are discussed. We come from this world and go back to it when we die. Balancing both worlds (inner and outer) are discussed. We tend to ignore the fact that the spiritual world is behind the world we experience every day.

Coincidences are a confirmation that everything is connected. Everything is possible.

“Unity in diversity is the plan of the universe.”
Swami Vivekananda

We discuss learning to love like the saints love. This will drop ego mind. Tom discussed Pope Francis, who at the time, was about to come to America. Tom was raised Roman Catholic. He discusses knowledge about what his upbringing taught him. I love this part of the discussion.

Mother Teresa was expounded upon. A man went to Mother Teresa and said, “What can I do to help you. Can I go into the streets of Calcutta with you and heal the sick?”

Mother Teresa said, “Go home to where you live and go into the streets and find somebody who is feeling alone. Help that person feel love and connection.”

Healing the separation: that’s what we’ve come to this planet to do.

Again, here is our conversation: HERE


6 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: A Transcription Of My Conversation With Tom Harner”

  1. What a lovely offering and experience.
    I enjoy moving meditation – which Roslin Beyerer affirmed in a workshop ~ 30 years ago – movement – Qigong, Tai Chi, Breema – help our brain down shift into the meditative state, so it’s easier to ‘sit’ after moving!!

  2. I meditate for 20 minutes every morning. At least I sit in silence for 20 minutes. Spring is almost upon us. I will be able to separate from my gadgets planting and hoeing.

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