Kate’s Corner: Innovative Mindset

For one moment, imagine creating an innovative mindset, and apply this outlook to goals and future plans, then draw this imagined future into the magnetic energy center of the body, which is your heart.

Imagine that your future has already happened, and is in the NOW. Imagine this intention to be infused with gratitude of the fact that everything is in this moment, this present moment, which is the only moment there is.

When you imagine your desired outcomes, you are creating the circumstances and opportunities that infuse a life more in line with who you really are. Synchronicities arise to delight and empower you as you grow into the force of your dreams.

In this way, we become co-creators with the divine, the universal force behind all of creation.

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24 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Innovative Mindset”

  1. Creating an innovative mindset for future goals is a great concept. I love how positive you are. Very inspirational! Mindset is everything. Someone asked me the other day what I consider success, and my answer was that when you love your life and show up happy and grateful every day, then you have made it! Great post, as always!

  2. This is brilliant! I really enjoyed listening to your blog while making a brew. I love your positivity and it’s very contagious.
    Mindset is huge, it affects everything and I’m so pleased more people are talking about it more as a society.
    I’m looking forward to your next one

  3. Hi Kate!
    This is such a powerful exercise. In my classroom, I had a banner above my whiteboard that read, “Dare to Dream It. Work to Achieve It!” It was big, bold, colorful, and could not be missed! My students had that daily reminder as you, Kate, are inspiring and reminding us all with your words, “When you imagine your desired outcomes, you are creating the circumstances and opportunities that infuse a life more in line with who you really are. ”
    Thank you for today’s words of inspiration!
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

  4. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for the reminder of mindset. It’s a very important part of success. If we can’t, or don’t put ourselves in the right mindset then nothing good comes of our business, or really anything in life… I absolutely love that you recorded your post! I’m still figuring stuff out, so I’m not there yet, but I think it would be very useful for your viewers for when they get busy, and can’t take the time to sit down to read your blog post. They can just listen instead. Brilliant! Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Hi Kate!
    A few years back, I had attended a “how to change your mindset and how emotions play a big part of it” seminar.
    One of the exercises we had to do was to close our eyes and think of something happy that had happened to us and how it made us feel.
    The next exercise was to think of something bad… I, and several others, literally started crying!
    It was the start of an incredible journey for me.
    All the best!

  6. YES, I strongly believe in seeing youir desired future like it’s already happened. I listen a lot to the teachings of Abraham Hicks.

    I once heard someone decsribing it like playing a movie in your mind’s eye, where you star in the story of where you want to be.

    Great post and podcast!

  7. Thank you Kate for your wisdom. Indeed there is no other time than now to be happy and grateful. This exercise made me feel better. A positive mindset must comes from within ourself but too often with let external events the power to influence on it.

  8. Kate, I love the Kates corner, one minute mindset, very thought-provoking. You have your video and your blog text and your audio now. It’s a good option for people to choose what they are most comfortable with. Carry on doing what you’re doing as it’s really really good. Thanks, Atif

  9. Hi Kate,

    I just love your energy and the video’s you do, and now podcast. Great job.
    yup i absolutely agree – with what you said. The energy we can give off staying in the positive.



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