Kate’s Corner: Celebrating My 200th YouTube Video

My last several You Tube Videos have been me taking a walk, encouraging those who walk to walk with me, and give the impression of having meaningful conversations about the challenges my target group facies-Seniors from age 60 to 80.

Springtime is beginning, and I want to show the evolution from late winter to early spring. So far, the grass is greening up a bit, crocuses are sprouting and the beginnings of daffodils are encroaching miraculously.

The trees are not leafing out but will be soon.

I want to encourage people to walk. My experience with walking entails weight management, heightened mood and creativity, an overall feeling of happiness. One of my personal favorite walking benefits is decreased pain. I had a total hip replacement five years ago, and walked 4-8 miles a day, even when the hip was bone to bone, and I was waiting for my hip surgery.

Many people live sedentary lifestyles, youth and elderly alike. I’d like to help change that consciousness.

Years ago, I had a You Tube series about “Bringing Death Out Of The Closet.” I interviewed Julia Assante, a psychic and scientist who has visions about the afterlife and proves her work with science. I feel excited by this topic and feel it fits nicely with “Mindset Mastery For Financial Freedom,” a focus of my affiliate program.

All in all, my 200th You Tube video is me in a contemplative mood having a meaningful conversation with anyone who is watching. I’ve heard it said, one meaningful conversation a day is a mental health mandate.

Even if I’m only having a meaningful discussion with myself, it’s worth it!!

Meet Kate and Dean.

Here is today’s Podcast

23 thoughts on “Kate’s Corner: Celebrating My 200th YouTube Video”

  1. Very nice… I am jealous of those who can walk like that. I have such bad feet, mid-foot arthritis, and it’s painful to walk long distances. My feet will swell and become so sore it’s difficult to get around. I have to find other ways to stay active. It may not be the same, but unfortunately, I have limitations. I envy you.

  2. Hi Kate, congratulations for your 200th post! That’s awesome 😎! Like you I’m convinced that walking is good for both physical and mental health. I’m doing karate so I compensate by doing Kata outside. I like hiking too taking time to admire sceneries and get some fresh air. Even the smallest piece of activity you do is worth. This clears the mind and make place to inspiration. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Congratulations on reaching 200 posts; this is truly an accomplishment to be celebrated 🎉! I really enjoy your daily walks and your outlook on life! Your positivity is contagious and exercise and nutrition are the keys to living a long vital life! You have inspired me and I am working on my YouTube channel!

  4. Wow, Kate! 200 videos! That’s quite an accomplishment – congratulations!
    I love to walk outside, too. However, I’ve become quite sensitive to sunlight and can’t do so anymore. I need to learn to walk on a treadmill, but I haven’t quite gotten good at doing so consistently. It might be my treadmill, but stepping over and over again on the hard surface hurts my migraine. So, I walk around the house. Lol! I really should just make it a habit. Pick a favorite TV show, and use the treadmill.
    I’ll think of you urging me to exercise and just get it done!
    Thank you,
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  5. Hey Kate,

    WOW, congrats on your 200th YouTube video. That alone is an outstanding achievement. well done 🙂

    Daily walking is good for you. I tend to aim around the 15K steps, daily.


    1. Amazing 200 videos ! That is just wonderful. You are such an inspiration. Your love and compassion for others just shines out when you speak. When I’m listening , like this morning it feels as if your sitting next to me.

  6. Congratulation for publishing your 200th video. That is quite a milestone and accomplishment.

    I love walking too, as I’m not too into jogging. Though admittedly, I’ve been a bit too sedentary in the last few years. These day, I try to walk at least 10,000 steps once a week and a few thousands step every alternate day.

    Thanks for the message and have a great day!

  7. Kate, firstly many congratulations on your 200th video. That’s quite an achievement. Well done and keep going. I really like your idea for walking and talking and to encourage people to get active. This is something where I struggle. I did well at the beginning, going to the gym and losing weight, but as usual, it falls behind. Ramadan is starting tomorrow and I’ll be fasting and building up self-control over the next month. I will use that as a springboard to get fitter and healthier. Thank you for the reminder thanks, Atif

  8. Hi Kate,
    Congratulations on your 200th YouTube Video. You are my role model!!

    I am in your target market and I love walking every day and when I do, it sets the tone for the rest of the day. I feel like I have accomplished something.

    The YouTube series you did with Julia Assante sounds interesting and I hope they are still available online.

    Have you read “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani? It’s about her experience with cancer, then having a near-death experience, and improved soon after leaving the hospital without any trace of it left in her body.

    I look forward to this recent podcast. I appreciate the meaningful discussions that I have already viewed.

    Thank you

  9. Hi Kate,
    seems congratulations aren’t necessary, so many have said so before me! LOL!
    Seriously though, this is the type of commitment I believe I’ll get back home to once my vacations are over.
    Taking the time and effort to do them have, I’m sure, become easier and easier with time – something anyone (like me) should think about if YouTube videos are in the future!
    Thank you as well for the enlightenment; my wife and I are in that age group: you know, the one that the aches and pains have started to come out of the closet! LOL!

  10. What an accomplishment and a great job! 200 videos! Just WOW! You are on fire!
    Walks are a great thing and an easy way to stay is at least reasonable shape.
    Good message.

  11. Wow! 200 videos, that’s fantastic! And on your regulars walks too, that’s a fabulous achievement and inspiration to follow. I was thinking about videoing my walks too….just wasn’t sure how I would do it. You have set a high bar 🙂

  12. What an absolute, incredible milestone you have just reached! CONGRATULATIONS! You are a positive example to us all who are on the journey, right behind you! Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.

  13. Kate, It’s wonderful that you take your social media outside. It’s a natural setting, and I think a lot of people will take to that more. Good for you! I’m gonna have to dip my feet in here soon…. Social media that is.. Thanks for your post.

  14. Hi Kate: I just read your blog post about walking and being outside. I agree with you in enjoying the trees and the weather. Most people never look at how God has blessed them with nature to enjoy their life. I salute you on doing 200 videos. I am getting myself ready to start with YouTube. I want to be a success with it as you are. Check in on me and leave your comment. I will appreciate it. Thank You. Jesse L. Nash
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  15. Congrats on your 200th video!!

    You are correct about walking everyday. It is great for health and clearing the mind. However, most people take this for granted. Recently, I had a rude awakening. I went to bed to take a nap and woke up with no more use of my muscles from the neck down. Currently, I cannot walk anymore. I long just to be able to use a walker.

    If you have your legs appreciate them and go for a walk.


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